The Ultimate Disney Geek Dining Experience

2 Sep

As you may know, I’m a giant Disney nerd.  I attended the D23 Expo August 19th-21st and it was AWESOME!  But before my family and I attended the Expo we hung out in Disneyland and California Adventure for a few days.  Now, those of you who are fellow Disney geeks surely know about all of the excellent Mickey shaped foods you can get in the park, Mickey Pretzels, Mickey ice cream, when I went to Tokyo Disney there were even Mickey riceballs but, this week at Foodie Fridays I’m bringing you info about Disney food that is so exclusive you probably don’t even know about it yet.  If you do, then I congratulate you!  You are as big of a Disney Nerd as me ^_^

Anyway, this weeks topic is Club 33, a members only club in New Orleans Square that only has 487 members.  The waiting list to gain a membership got so long that they even stopped adding names and the only way to become a member is if a current member gives up their membership, or more likely, dies.  If anyone is curious as to how my family got a reservation, one of my family members works for a company that has a membership.  And, I’m sorry, I can’t make you a reservation.  Thems is the rules. I have been to Club 33 twice before and ventured back again this August.  So without further ado, pictures and more info!

Club 33 Door

This is the entrance to Club 33.  Notice that the Blue Bayou’s entrance is right next store so most people don’t even notice this door, or assume it’s a fake Disney door for ambiance. Club 33 is called Club 33 because it’s address is “33 Royal Street” in New Orleans Square.  Walt Disney wanted to make a special place where he could entertain VIPs and this is how Club 33 was born.  Unfortunately Walt died before it was completed.  If you have a reservation for the restaurant you lift up the little gold shutter to the left of the door and push the button underneath.

Club 33 SpeakerThen the hostess greets you and if she does see your name on the list, opens the door to allow you into the foyer.

Club 33 Foyer

Why yes that is an elevator.

I apologize for the blurry picture, it was sorta dark in there!  There is the hostess at her desk.  To the left are stairs and a french lift.  You can either take the stairs or the french lift up, most people take the latter because it is just way cooler.

Table settings at Club 33This is the table setting.  Fancy napkin, right?  Club 33 is known for having amazing service.  They even refold your napkin every time you get up from your table.

Club 33 Menu

Hmmm what deliciousness shall I eat?

The way that lunch works at Club 33 is there is an appetizer/salad/soup type buffet, you order an entree, and there is a dessert buffet.

Club 33 Salad

Salad, blackberries, cheese, crab claw, aparagus, yummmmm

As you can see I had salad, asparagus, caprese salad, a crab claw, smoked salmon, strawberries and blackberries. There were also assorted pasta salads, soup, bread, and many other types of fish.  I didn’t get some of everything because I wanted to eat my entree. Which was:

Club 33 Filet Mignon

Mmmmmm steak

Filet mignon, with mashed potatoes and vegetables.  It was crazy delicious.  I hardly ever eat steak, I like to save it for these kinds of occasions and it was just awesome.

Club 33 Dessert Buffet

Dessert Buffet

Here is what everyone was waiting for, a picture of the dessert buffet.  Everything is absolutely gorgeous!  As well as being delicious.

I finished off my meal with a cappuccino and then my family and I headed back to our hotel to sleep off our meal before returning to the park for Fantasmic! and rides.

Some other cool stuff about Club 33 is that they sell Club 33 merchandise that is only available in the Club (Disney people love exclusive merchandise) and there are several original concept art pieces for Disneyland as well as for Disney movies.  There are even costume renderings for Mary Poppins.  I hope everyone enjoyed this special adventure update!  If you have any questions, make sure to ask me in the comments!

Disneyland New Orleans Squar…


33 – 4 x 6 photograph


Fleur De Lis Wall Hanger


Club 33 Couture


Number 33 thirty three typog…


FLEUR DE LIS – Sterling Silv…


New Orleans French Quarter R…


NEW ORLEANS, Destination Pil…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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2 Responses to “The Ultimate Disney Geek Dining Experience”

  1. Whatever James September 4, 2011 at 9:26 am #

    I had never heard of Club 33 and I love hidden stuff like that so this was really neat!

  2. customcomix September 6, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    I really love this! Who knew! I am going to have to tell my mom all about this haha!

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