When Millarworlds Collide!

7 Apr

Kick-Ass 2 #7 (of 7)


The end of the middle is here. At least, that’s what I felt when I finished “Kick-Ass 2”. There was no real overarching conclusion here. It was more like the end of an important chapter in a book. While the first “Kick-Ass” left plenty of room for a sequel, it still had its own arch with a defined beginning, middle, and end. When you do a large multivolume book like this, there is always a feeling that the first book won’t make it. So a writer will tend to conclude the first volume just in case he can’t do volume two. Once it becomes a huge hit however, the sky is the limit with what you can do with it. This is why KA2 doesn’t have nearly as much conclusion as the first. The fate of too many characters is still left hanging in the balance after the final page. Mark Millar knows he can do pretty much as many volumes as he wants now, so the pressure to wrap most things up is lifted. However the reader is robbed of closure and will have a compulsion to treat “Kick-Ass 3” more than a delayed “Kick-Ass 2” #8. KA2 is still a great book, but it just goes the wrong way about leaving you wanting more.

“Kick-Ass 2” also contains a small preview of Mark Millar’s next series to hit shelves, “The Secret Service”. Just a few finished pages, probably from the beginning of the book, that are drawn by “Watchmen” artist Dave Gibbons. Millar seems to be bringing us the perfect blend of humor, violence, and Mark Hamill. I had to reread it a couple times to take in all of the hilarious insanity of it. Just a couple of pages, and I’m already hooked.

There were also a few hints at future comics of “Millarworld”. In June, Hit Girl gets her own comic. September brings us a new property called “Jupiter’s Children”. Then, to double whammy us in September, the number two gets added to his title “Nemesis”.

Mom's Basement Comic Article about Kick-Ass 2, Super Crooks, and Amazing Spider-man by Bruce Osborne

Read more about comics, including Super Crooks and the new Amazing Spider-man!

Super Crooks #1


Speaking of Mark Millar, he has ANOTHER comic out. With the success of “Kick-Ass”, Marvel seems to be willing to buy up every idea Millar has for their Icon lineup. This series is about super villains who move to Europe because America has too many super heroes. Simple enough to understand, and an obvious play at the popularity of American comics over anything that might come out of Europe. Everything here is typical Millar with good writing, and always gets the best artists to bring his work to life. Its actually a fairly normal and morally grey world that doesn’t express any kind of extreme that Millar is sometimes known for. Its hard to tell where Millar is going with this comic, but I have faith it will be good. You didn’t really know where “Superior” was heading until about two thirds of the way into it. “Super Crooks” is already a good comic, but Millar puts out so much great stuff that I fear some of it will not be able to hold up the high standards he has set. We’ll see.

Mom's Basement Comic Article about Kick-Ass 2, Super Crooks, and Amazing Spider-man by Bruce Osborne

The Amazing Spider-man #682


I love Spider-man. There, I said it. Even if the mainline comic sucked, I would still love Spider-man. He is easily the most accessible and identifiable character in the Marvel Universe. That being said, I’m glad to say that Spider-man’s next big storyline “Ends of the Earth” definitely doesn’t suck. We’ve had to deal with some major highs and lows with Spider-man, but writer Dan Slott usually pulls him upswing. It’s nice to see a writer take such care in changing the world of Spider-man, but not change the character himself. No matter how many times Slott has Peter dumped, shot at, and falling off of rooftops, he still remains the wise cracking Black Cat chasing young adult we identify with.

This time Slott has Spider-man facing off against the dying Doc Ock and whatever random super villains he was able to gather. He is trying to blackmail half the world, and its, of course, up to Spider-man to stop him. Peter uses his high tech laboratory job to design a new custom, which will garner at least one angry letter from a distraught fanboy, and runs to the Avengers for help. It was nice to see Peter take such an initiative and face the Avengers like he had the biggest stones in the room. The first issue of this story is just finished, but I can’t wait until the second…or the third, fourth, and fifth.

Mom's Basement Comic Article about Kick-Ass 2, Super Crooks, and Amazing Spider-man by Bruce Osborne

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