Tuesday’s Treasury: Geek Living Room

24 Jul
living room

Half of my living room! Our lovely Nintendo coffee table, my daughter’s first finger painting over the couch, and my prized Goodwill end table, blue chair and lamp!

Welcome to another Treasury Tuesday!

I know that Spring is normally the time of year that people clean out their clutter and redecorate, but since it’s been so hot and humid here in Michigan, I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors with my buddy, central air conditioning. So I guess I’ve had some time to stare at the walls and think about some changes I would like to make, so I decided that I would create some treasuries over the next couple of weeks that feature fun, geeky, home decor! It’s a selfish move because basically these treasuries will be wish lists for my own home, but don’t worry, I’m totally awesome and you’ll love what I find…and I’ll try my hardest to feature a variety of nerdy goods that everyone can enjoy.

laina's tv

The area of my living room where all of the magic happens. And every awesome home has to have a train table, am I right?

My living room

I decided to play show-and-tell and share some pictures of my own living room–I am not claiming to be an interior designer by any means, and my living room is still a work in progress. The truth is my husband and I have gone through our own decor ups and downs that come with being young and finding your own style, but we’ve recently moved into a bigger apartment and decided that we would make a fresh start and only incorporate things that we really LOVE into our home, and so far we LOVE our living room.

I will confess that the living room is rarely as clean as it is in the pictures. Our 4-year-old usually has a pile of toys that resemble a Mattel brand trail mix, and my husband and I usually have cups and junk mail and video game strategy guides on the coffee table, but since we’ve thinned out some of our possessions, it literally takes 15 minutes tops to get the room in the state that is pictured (so make friends with Goodwill, kids!).

I really adore the kitschy/vintage-style furniture and decor (like my awesome kitty wall clock!) and I’ve ran across some thrift store furniture gems that I use and admire daily. My husband has a large game/book collection and the whole family loves to watch movies, so we keep all of our game/TV/movie-inspired toys out on the shelves, we decorated a $30 walmart coffee table to look like a retro Nintendo controller, and we made room for some of our daughters toys.

But operation: kick-ass living room isn’t complete yet! I plan on sorting through more of our shelves and possibly donating some more items and make room for some cool artwork or sculptures. There are so many neat things on Etsy and they are really affordable!

I hope this treasury will inspire others to take a look at their surroundings and see what little, fun changes they can make that speak to their own interests and discover that a geeky home is a happy home. Enjoy!

Blue Nose Eyeglass …


Storm Trooper wall …


Movie Miniatures: S…


Dinosaur Planter in…


Nursery art print, …


Mini Pillow – Yummy…


Pulp Fiction- Set o…


Captain America Clo…


The IT Crowd quote …


Mario Items Coaster…


Horror Movie Art Fr…


Vintage E.T. Collec…


Dr. Who Figures – A…


Vintage Lot of 28 A…


Ewok Protest – Sten…


PLAY Letter Pillows…


One Response to “Tuesday’s Treasury: Geek Living Room”

  1. VintageAndSupply August 2, 2012 at 7:51 am #

    I super LOVE your creative coffee table! No home is complete w/o the stuff you love too Thrifting is the best way to score awesome finds & be happy everytime you use/look at it. Then make full circle by donating the things you don\’t want in your life anymore, that someone else can feel good about owning

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