Don Swan Song

30 Jan

Comic Book: The Movie

Comic Book - The Movie

How many of you know who Don Swan is? Nobody? Well then you haven’t seen the brilliant documentary “Comic Book: The Movie.” This film is about a brave man’s noble quest to save his favorite comic book hero from the clutches of the evil Hollywood producers. A World War II era comic book hero who fought the Nazis (I don’t think I need to say who it is) has been revamped over the years due to a changing world, but still has loyal fans urging for a return to the original form. Hollywood has finally gotten around to making a movie of this hero, and wants to announce the feature at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con. They hire Don Swan as a “consultant” but things quickly deteriorate when it becomes apparent that Swan was hired for show and they have no intention of restoring the hero to his WW2 roots. Swan then engages in a near fight to the death to make the comic community aware that they are destroying this noble character. Thankfully he has a friend who does an excellent Ozzy Osbourne (no relation) impression to follow him around with a camera to record his quest.

As far as a documentary goes, it’s a fairly standard affair. There are interviews with the people involved that are properly cut into events as they happen. Also a history lesson into the WW2 hero is given to establish background and motivation for Swan. But then things really get interesting when they get to Comic Con and start interviewing random people and celebrities. Talking to so many people about their love for this character really shows how much Hollywood is in the wrong about “updating” icons. The documentary then focuses back on Swan once he remembers why he came there in the first place. Hollywood gets even more ruthless towards the end when it becomes apparent Swan isn’t playing along to the tune of the hype machine. While some might criticize a man’s love for a fictional character, this really is a story about a David facing down a Goliath. Comic Book - The Movie ScreenIt can also be said this is a story about a hero giving a man his courage.

While I loved the feel of this documentary, I still have the need to criticize and praise it at the same time. The interview sections only really focus on the fans and don’t really take the perspective of the Hollywood people. There are some fly on the wall moments, which I don’t know how Swan got, that really show how twofaced Hollywood producers can be. Any actual interviews with the Hollywood people are also short since they seem to be dismissive of the whole affair. They also have to avoid the sunlight, which can be problematic for taking interviews. The movie also feels unfocused once they get to Comic Con. The random interviews and footage starts feeling out of place after a while. The movie does regain focus by the end, but it would have been nice if they never lost it in the first place. I will say though that Don Swan should really be praised for his work here. Not only in his untiring effort to preserve his hero, but in his performance as he pleads with the world. With such a natural love of comics and obvious talent, he should really consider voice acting. But Don Swan is probably very content in just being a nerd.


Mom's Basement Movie Article about Comic Book: The Movie by Bruce Osborne

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