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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 5/14/13- Handmade Riot

14 May

honeycomb shelfThis is for you geeks out there who have found yourselves in slightly cramped living quarters.  Are you sick of having to jam your prized possessions in any little space you can find?

Never fear, Handmade Riot is here!  James and Nicole of Handmade Riot create handmade wooden honeycomb shelving- if honeycombs work for bees, then they will definitely work for you!

Besides awesome shelving, Handmade Riot has toys, furniture and other neat stuff, so go take a look today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 5/5/13- Tartx

5 May

cinco de mayoHappy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  Today is the day to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride in the United States!

Tiffini Elektra X of Tartx is a graphic designer with a cool fashion eye.  This shirt would be perfect for your fiesta.

Tiffini also creates jewelry, wine charms, tea towels and more, so go visit her today!


Full Metal Fashion

7 Aug

Hello again my geeky fashionistas! Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been in the process of moving and it hasn’t been a smooth transition. But I’m back and I thought the best way to thank you guys for being patient with me would be to give you guys some awesome Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood-inspired looks that will help take your mind off of summer’s fast approaching end!

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Gotham City Couture

17 Jul

It’s finally here. The weekend we’ve been waiting all summer for. Everyone seems to be holding their breath about its release because we don’t know what to expect come the end of the film. Does he live? Does he die? Of course I could only be referring to The Dark Knight Rises which will hit packed theaters nearest you on Friday. Sadly I won’t be one of the fans anxiously waiting to see what will no doubt be an epic ending to an amazing trilogy because I’m moving that day (go figure) but that doesn’t mean that I can’t share some Gotham fashion with you so read on.

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Mischievous Fashion

10 Jul

Hey did you guys know that your very own fashion forward geek takes requests? No? Well now you do! I love feedback and I received a very impassioned request from a member of Loki’s Army to pay tribute to the God of Mischief with some worthy looks that would make anyone kneel to your amazing sense of fashion. Read on or be Loki’d!

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The First Avenger Fashion

3 Jul

Happy Birthday to America! I don’t know about you guys but Texans take the 4th of July pretty seriously; it’s lots of beer, barbecue, and blowing stuff up. You can’t walk in a store without being bombarded with all things patriotic and hey why not? America is a pretty spiffy place after all. Of course being proper geeks around here we just can’t celebrate all that is America without giving the Captain himself a proper nod of acknowledgement. That’s right guys I mean the very first Avenger: Captain America. Read on for some Captain-inspired looks that will have you repping the red white and blue without inspiring people to fly you from a pole in their front lawn.

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