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My Little Pony: FIM Live Performance!

12 Apr

The ‘My Little Pony’ re-imagination has hit the geek community by storm. Everyone raves of its clever plots, amazing animation, great voice acting and beautiful message. There is no doubt about it…Bronies and Pegasisters FTW!

But let’s remember. It IS a kid’s show. So when I find a live action stage performance featuring 3 performers in pony costumes at a town fair, I totally understand! The kids probably adored this! Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Applejack singing and talking about friendship! So cute!

I find the youtube comments sad though. There is a very large number of people who dis this performance as childish (duh!) and low quality. I’m sorry, but this wasn’t cheap. Read more of my theatrical viewpoints after the jump!

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The Hunger Games….Starring Beanie Babies?!

5 Apr

Who saw the Hunger Games?! I did! Who’s read the books?! I did!

Who saw the story performed by beanie babies?!

Now, you did. Behold the story of Katniss “Everbean”


Dance Party ~ TRON Style

29 Mar

Remember that old Strong Bad short…the light switch rave techno party? Well, these boys in Japan have nothing on them! This is a dance group in Japan who built TRON light suits and have amazing control over them in this dance clip. I am in awe that they not only have on/off capability, but dimming and color change. For us theatre peeps, that’s pretty impressive! Oh, and their choreography is GENIUS. Check it out!

Geeks Onstage! Well, on TV!

26 Sep

Every needs a moment in the sun. Well, here comes yours! I recently found this casting listing where an LA Production Company, Lindsey Casting, is looking for the most eclectic nerds in the world for a new reality series: King of the Nerds.

Obviously, they want the over the top, obsessive guys…whether it be the hardcore LARPers, the comic book hermits, and the drunk-on-the-Dew gamers, but I challenge the Mom’s Basement readers to go one step further. Read the listing:

I’m currently casting a show called King of the Nerds which is a Nerd/geek Competition based show, designed to showcase the passions and knowledge of nerds/geeks between the ages of 21 and 30, as they compete to win a cash prize. It will be hosted by 2 of the original cast members from Revenge of the Nerds. We are looking for gamers, comic book fanatics, movie buffs, programmers, scientists, chess masters, role players, inventors, you name it. It would be absolutely amazing if you could help me find the best of the best. I’d love to speak with the champion in Magic the Gathering, or the top dog of WoW, or your smartest friend who can write a program for anything, etc. Any and all recommendations for candidates or suggestions of who to speak with would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Lexi Shoemaker

King of the Nerds

Casting Director

Now, I’ve read a lot of casting calls and I really appreciate that this casting director is NOT a nerd. Probably Nerd Light, where she knows of the geeky things, but isn’t the type of person to be on the show. She is open for suggestions…there is probably an amazing geek art that she hasn’t covered in her description.

Where are my geek crafters? YOU belong on this show.

All of my Etsians…you could be the King of Nerds with your moustache hairbands, pixelated tshirts, polymer zombie jewelry and scarves with Pokemon crocheted into it. Let’s represent!!! If anyone wants to contact Ms. Shoemaker via phone, I have a contact number as well. Message me at my Etsy store for more information!

I want to see one of us on TV! Melvin FTW!

Geeks OnStage: Steampunk Haunted House

12 Sep

As our readers may know from previous Geeks Onstage posts, I am a freelance stage manager in NYC. And I love it when my theatrical passions and my geeky passions collide, as they do with my upcoming project: The Steampunk Haunted House.

I started with Third Rail Projects, the creators of this unique haunted house experience, 3 years ago as their Production Stage Manager. Every year, we work to create a fully immersive, site specific haunt that incorporates modern dance and amazing steampunk imagery. What does this mean? It means that we utilize existing architecture (the century old playhouse, Abrons Art Center at Henry Street Settlement) to create choreography and interesting audience interaction moments, as opposed to solely relying on the a more familiar style haunted house that has a labyrinth of constructed walls and people covered in blood and gore hiding that jump out and go “boo!” (Don’t get me wrong…I love those haunted houses too. I fly down to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando, where I’m from, every year because I can’t get enough of the cheesy horror goodness, but sometimes the artist in me yearns for something more.) The video below features footage from the playhouse, as well as a lot of our imagery from our first year of production.

The Steampunk aesthetic has been growing in popularity over the last few years. This anachronistic future idea fantasizes what would’ve happened if the world of the Victorian era progressed using only steam powered machinery. With comics like “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” video games like “Final Fantasy,” the gnomes of “World of Warcraft” and animes like “Trigun,” Steampunk is now considered to be a mainstream geek genre.

If you are new to Steampunk and are still a little confused, check out this awesome PBS Arts Special clip that explains what Steampunk is as well as how it has affected different types of art (Third Rail Projects is featured in the Theatre section!)

As I mentioned, the Steampunk Haunted House is designed in an interesting manner. This year, we’re focusing on the ideas of darkness and isolation to help drive the sense of uneasiness, while all around you hear and see notions of Wonderland. The theme this year is “Through the Looking Glass,” and with it, we explore the dark side of Wonderland and Lewis Carroll’s mind. Below is a video of a previous incarnation of the the “Looking Glass” theme, developed by Third Rail for other site specific performances (this one in LA). Many of the performers featured in this video will also appear in the haunted house.

If you’re in New York City anytime during Oct 22 thru Oct 31, this event will blow your mind. We sell tickets in 15 minute increments online and at the door, but they always sell out quickly at the door (come early!). Tickets can be found here. If you want to support us, you can ‘like’ us on Facebook too!

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Geeks Onstage! Super Mario Jitterbug

8 Aug

Thanks to shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” some of us (younger) non-dancers might have some idea what the Jitterbug looks like. I never knew it could look like this, though! Check out these two, Morgan and Emily, performing their routine for the Camp Hollywood / National Jitterbug Championships 2011 Showcase. The music includes all the iconic SMB music (underwater, dungeon, jazzy versions of familiar tunes, and music from the Super Mario Brothers cartoon!) and all the sound effects. And despite the DJ technical difficulties half way through, they resumed and the level ended just the way a level should…by sliding down the flagpole.

They placed 4th in Show and received the “Golden Bugie”  for most exceptional performance of the weekend. Clearly, if I was judging, there would have been no contest!

And if you’re to the end of the video listening to the “Do the Mario” song and you’re like…huh? Check this out. He dances like a white fat Italian man should.

DO THE MARIO! (We should make a “Do the Melvin” song! Any songwriters amongst our readers??)


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