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Reader Submission!- 4/17/13- True Story

17 Apr

web seriesMelvin loves hearing from you Basement Dwellers out there, and today we are pleased to present to you a reader submission from Sarah Louisa Burns.

Sarah and her friends have a web series that has just gone into its second season, and, well, it’s probably best if we just let Sarah explain it on her own:

“The comedic web-series, True Story, has hit the ground running with the premiere of its second season.  With all-new videos being released every Wednesday, the show is starting to gain real traction, delivering its awkward, charmingly socially inept comedy stylings to a growing YouTube subscriber base, and over 3k Facebook fans.

True Story’s creators, Sarah Louisa Burns and Rebecca Panfile, wrote the show to put their own spin on topics conventionally addressed in womens comedies, such as dating, marriage, and babies.  Don’t expect to find any of the main characters wearing white or sporting a baby bump, however; these leading ladies challenge the social norms with their controversial views, witty one-liners, and drunken, loud-mouthed antics, often unabashedly in public.  These women will yawn at your baby pictures, get drunk at your wedding, and rant, at length, about their favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The series is expected to resonate well with a new generation of women that have embraced their own “social awkwardness,” and independent individuals that have come into their own unapologetically, despite the occasional sideways glances one receives from going against the gender grain and societal norms.

For new episodes, and to catch up on season one, visit”

Thanks Sarah!  I had a chance to watch one of the episodes, Marathons, and it was pretty entertaining, so be sure to go visit there today!

Sarah’s website

True Story’s Facebook page

DIY Ewok Charm– Tutorial

4 May

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!

In honor of this wonderful, nerd-tastic occasion I decided to make this adorable Ewok charm that I made into a necklace featured in the picture above, and better yet, I’m going to show you how to make one for yourself! Because who doesn’t love an Ewok? Seriously, they’re little Teddy Bear people who live in trees, what’s not to love?

This Charm will be made from wonderful Polymer clay and if you haven’t used polymer clay before, then you’re opening yourself to a wonderful world of crafting where all of your geeky dreams come true. Polymer Clay is very affordable and easy to work with.

We all know that Ewoks can come in many different colors, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m going to base this charm on Wicket. Who is in–in my opinion–the best Ewok, because he stars in all of those lovely/cheesy spin-off movies that I watched as a kid.

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Reflections on Lois Lane

21 Apr

Guest written by Maya K. 


I often wonder if Lois Lane has been a lightning rod from the moment she was introduced to the world back in 1938 in Action #1?  She was very much a reflection of the times or at least a reflection of how the media portrayed women back then.   Women were smart, sassy, fast talking and often self-sufficient.   Women like Katharine Hepburn, Rosalind Russell, Barbara Stanwyck and so many others.   When I watch  His Girl Friday,  for example, I see Lois Lane.  If I could time travel and pick my perfect cast for a Superman movie I’d cast Rosalind Russell as Lois Lane and Gregory Peck as Clark Kent/Superman.

Then came the 1950s and the insanity of the Silver Age.  Lois Lane was gutted and she became a punch line.  Everyone knows the image,  Lois Lane wearing her frilly apron dreaming of marrying Superman.   Where did the wise cracking, career driven Rosalind Russellesque woman go?   In her place was this pale imitation.


A lot of what happened to Lois was, I think, a byproduct of the 1950s culture.   Mystery Science 3000 did some hilarious (to me at least) riffs on the shorts of that era .  It was a time when women were taught they should dream of finding a husband, taking care of him, house and kids and not wish for anything more.  My husband wonders if it wasn’t a response to post World War 2 with people trying to reset the culture in to more traditional roles.  During the war women were in the work force and were performing a lot of traditionally male jobs.  It was war and there wasn’t time to worry about gender roles.   The 1950s seemed like an attempt to get everyone back in to their respective seats if you will.   It makes sense to me but then neither my husband nor I are sociologists or historians.

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Unwinnable Geek Flea III- Guest Article by An Optimistic Cynic

2 Apr

Thanks to Sarah Louisa Burns, owner of An Optimistic Cynic, we were able to get an up close and personal look at the Unwinnable Geek Flea Market. Check out these awesome items, shop owners and of course more info on Unwinnable!

This past Saturday, Kearny, NJ’s Unwinnable Geek Flea III kicked off at 10am in the charming, but drafty First Presbyterian Church of Arlington. Treasures from collectors basements, closets and attics awaited new homes on a myriad of folding tables as the jacketed masses munched on baked goods and listened intently on the hour to hear their name called as a raffle winner.

Unwinnable offers local Geek Artists a unique opportunity to sell their wares in an affordable, Geek-centric setting. The event has doubled in size since it’s first incarnation, especially in terms of local artists where its also become a great networking opportunity. If you’re in the NYC/NJ area, and you’ve never done a craft fair before and would like to get your feet wet, this is a great place to start. Unwinnable currently has plans to make this a yearly bi-annual event every spring and fall.

Click to see more about Unwinnable and see featured items!!

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