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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest– Villain Edition!!!

1 Oct


Voting is now open for our eeeeevil pumpkin decorating contest– and we urge you to VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE VILLAIN PUMPKIN!!! Visit our CONTEST page if you have forgotten what the pumpkins look like and click HERE to be brought to the POLL! 

The polls will close MIDNIGHT on SATURDAY Nov,3rd— Winners will be announced here Nov, 4th!! 

Good Luck to all of our entries!!

Top 10- Bat Crazy!!

8 Jul

Here at Mom’s Basement, we’re a little excited about the new Batman movie coming out, as we’re sure you could tell from the Movie Reviews by our own Bruce Osborne.  But it’s not just the movie that gets us worked up… pretty much anything amazing that’s related to Batman is enough to make us happy, and hopefully this will be enough to get your bat-senses tingling too!  Wait, am I allowed to say that?  Anyway, let’s take a look at the best of the best handmade Batman swag that is sure to show off your Batman pride!

#10- Batman Party!

The best way to show off your pride for Batman is to throw the most epic party Gotham City has ever seen.  And the best way to do it is with some of these Batman inspired party supplies!

Super Hero Batman P…


NEW Batman Birthday…


DIY Printable Bat S…


Batman PDF Download…


Batman Superhero Bi…


Batman Birthday Par…


Batman Superhero Bi…


Super Villain Pinat…


#9- Batman Shoes

These shoes might not have secret weapons in them, but they’re a pretty awesome way to show your love for the Dark Knight.

Custom Vans- Batman…


Custom Painted Batm…


Handpainted Batman …


The Dark Knight Ris…


Women’s Custom …


Hand-painted Super …


Batman Comic book h…


Harley Quinn and Jo…


#8- Batman Decor for your Humble Home

You may not live in the Bat Cave, but who says you can’t create a Batman-inspired ambience in your home?

Superman 76 Featuri…


The BatShelf


The Joker Heath Led…


Batman and Avengers…


Batman retro poster…


Hand-painted, Made-…


Batman Cushion


Joker woodburned wa…


Click the jump to see what categories took the top spots!

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June’s Sponsors!

14 Jun

The Moms Basement community is growing, and it definitely isn’t a secret. The Moms Basement team on Etsy is now a staggering 850 members large and our Street Team is growing because of that. This website, this team, this community exists for the sole purpose of getting the attention the geekery crafters in this community deserve.

Moms Basement has been around for over a year now, working hard every day to give credit where credit is due and grabbing the attention of crafters and buyers– and we aren’t stopping now.

Recently we have rolled out the option to advertise your relevant website/store on our front page. If you scroll down below the buttons on the right hand side, you will see the array of current AD’s that we are proud to support. If you are interested in renting space on our front page, please check out the “Advertise With Us” page for more details.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of our Sponsors!! Please help us keep doing what we are doing, and go check out these handmade/small business / geekery shops that took the time to support us and make what you love. :)

 Geek Mythology Crafts specialize in custom video game, cartoon, and Anime-inspired pixel art and Perler bead sprite crafts to geek up your home! They also accept custom orders- does it get better than that?

Everything Ok specializes in .. well.. pretty much everything! All sorts of geekery await you in Everything Ok’s shop. Illustrations, photographs and even warm wooly wearables of your choosing!

Knob Creek Metal Arts specializes in handmade metal items. They make signs, wall art, clocks, and functional decorative items for your home, garden or farm. They are even able to customize, personalize and create new items –and they claim to love it!! 

Recomputing repurposes broken circuit boards, motherboards, memory cards, processors etc. into jewelry and accessories! They even have a sale going on RIGHT NOW!

Desolationallie specializes in etched glass, custom etchings and paper craft – great selection of Father’s Day and Graduation gifts such as signs, greeting cards, treat boxes for parties and weddings. Anything you see can be changed to your liking. She can create custom glassware from your own images or a pre-made graphic you love!

Superorange specializes in screen printed tshirts inspired by nerd culture and way too much anime. Screen printed by hand, just for you! Socially awkward and painfully loud. 

 PickleLadyFarm makes cross stitch and embroidery patterns and pieces. There is no shortage of geekery here. If you are a cross stitcher and you are sick of buying floral designs at your local craft store, get in here and get your stitch on!

VinylEdgeDesigns specializes in Vinyl decals. Vinyl decals are like tattoos for your stuff! Geek out your car! Dress up your Macbook! Sport a T-shirt or Hoodie! Brilliant colors and vibrant designs enliven your day through all of his items inspired by the geeky things he loves most! He also enjoys custom work so let him know if there’s something you’d like to see!

CustomComix specializes in OOAK comic book covered accessories. Bracelets, Earrings, Shoes and Coasters covered in your favorite comic. (Yes, they use actual comics!) It says it right in their name, they live for custom orders!

DoctorMoo specializes in lovingly crafted yarn shenanigans. Everything from plushies to scarves and hats in your favorite geeky characters and themes! Don’t see what you like? The Doctor is always in to remedy that. 

Flauxers- Pronounced Flowers-Artificial flowers that look so real you have to touch them! ( I even see a real life version of the fire flower from Mario in there!!) 

FunWithNeedles specializes in hand stitched creations meant to brighten your day. She sells finished hilarious cross stitched projects so you don’t have to! She doesn’t limit her shop to wall hangings either, she even has wearable stitched creations! 

HesedBooksandGifts is dedicated to providing awesome products for the passionately bookish. She creates themed cards, post cards, book marks and more! Book nerds rejoice! We are always looking out for you! 

 Outpost8 creates quality original polymer clay jewelry and accessories, inspired by video games, fantasy, and nature. Awesome geekery comes in small packaging in this shop, check out the array of tiny things that will make any geek squee!

 YumesPixelCrafts, home of the fuse bead picture frame and sprites! Original frames and new ideas for those awesome little beads we all played with as a kid. Any characters, any pose…custom orders encouraged! 

ZombieJester specializes in unique handmade bows. Whether you’re a gamer who shows support for her favorites, a geeky and/or freaky fashionista who loves to be different, or a kind person that showers their significant other with gifts custom-made for them, you are sure to find something here, and if you don’t, she accepts custom orders!

Melvin Goes to Comicpalooza!!

13 Jun

Two weeks ago Melvin,Charlie Brazen, our friend Danielle and Myself set forth on a journey through time and space and ended up on a strange planet filled with Super Heroes, Monsters and Baddies, better known as Comicpalooza.

My small business Custom Comix had a booth at this particular convention, so not only was I there on business, but it was a great excuse to go out and give Moms Basement a workout. I don’t think I could through one conversation without them asking about Melvin. He was popping out of my badge holder the entire weekend, and he was quite popular. I’m pretty sure I got cut off mid sentence a few times by “So what’s his story?” or “Who is this guy?”.

Melvin even got to rub elbows with a few celebrities! Whattt! So click through the jump to check out all of Melvin’s new friends, and the stories that go with them– Enjoy!

WARNING: Melvin is definitely a ladies man, which is probably why most the the men that crossed Melvin’s path tried to exterminate him. I assure you that no Melvins were harmed (badly) for the enjoyment of Moms Basement.

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Interview with a Zombie– Amanda Adams

18 May

Have you ever wondered why Zombies are always chasing the living? How about why they are constantly moaning and hobbling about, dragging a foot with arms outstretched clawing their way to any sign of life? Of course you have. There is nothing we humans are more afraid of than the unknown. It seems almost too easy but, why not just ask one? This week, I did just that!

Amanda Adams is a singer-songwriter/actress who is also a featured Zombie from a little show you may have heard of.. AMC’s The Walking Dead!  TWD is an amazing suspense drama telling the story of a group of survivors in a newly post apocalyptic world. TWD is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series of the same title. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the drama of the survivors, but thanks to Amanda, we get to see first hand what it was like to be a walker ( That’s slang for a Zombie).

Sit back, grab some salt and come pick Amanda’s brain with me, it’s only fitting right?

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Geeky Easter Egg Contest WINNER!

18 Apr

Moms Basement 2nd Annual GEEKY EASTER EGG CONTEST is now CLOSED! 

Voting took place for three days, and a winner has finally submerged! What’s that noise I hear?? NYANNAYNNAYNNAYNNYANNYANNYANNYANNYANNYANNYAN—- That could be only one thing!

CONGRATS HOPE!! Please send your contact/shipping info to us!

(Now if I could only get that nyaning out of my head!!)


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