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No one can resist a good d**k joke.

18 Sep

I’m back from my week off and do I have something exciting to share with you.

Alec Balwin you so crazy

Last week it was announced that Ben and Jerry’s were going to release their new flavor of ice cream Schweddy Balls, and let me tell you boys and girls I was excited.  Schweddy Balls are based  on a famous Saturday Night Live sketch  featuring Alec Baldwin.  The skit implies that Peter Schweddy’s balls might be more then just a holiday rum ball.  Yes the whole situation is immature and anyone that thinks such a thing is a child, but darn it sometimes you gotta love a good dick joke.  I of course being above it all decided to take the best course of action and not only tell everyone I knew of the ice cream but call my local Ben and Jerry’s multiple times to find out when the ice cream in question is coming out.

no this isn't a prank call I just want ice cream

Good news everybody the ice cream came out Thursday and I being the writing professional that will jump into the danger zone for my loyal readers have tried Schweddy Balls.

So let me describe my encounter with Schweddy Balls and the heroic tale of love, passion, and the willpower to resist the urge to make vulgar statements the whole time.

After many uncomfortable calls to my local ice cream shop I find out Schweddy Balls are due to arrive Thursday.  I wait until Thursday afternoon so as not to look to eager and waltz into Ben and Jerry’s to retrieve said ice cream.I return home and partake of Schweddy Balls with a few close friends and my loving husband.  I then ask everyone their opinion and thoughts of Schweddy Balls.

"look Chard it's just ice cream, put your clothes back on"

Bet and I both are surprised Schweddy balls doesn’t have any cinnamon or other spices in the ice cream.  We both assumed it would have a traditional holiday spice to it.

Chard prefers the chocolate balls to the malt balls in the ice cream.

My husband reacts to the rum flavor and mentions the desert having a “kick”

Most everyone else didn’t have a strong opinion either way and were a little disappointed.

Out of everyone I seemed to like it the best and even mentioned having the ice cream again.

Overall the ice cream (rum flavored with chocolate and malt balls) seemed to merely be “ok” with the only strong agreement is not to take it to any church fuction.

So in conclusion what can be said for Schweddy Balls?  Is it that good of an ice cream or just a good excuse for me to let out my Inner Frat Boy?  I think we all know the answer.

‘Schweddy Balls’ by geekchicknits

To celebrate Ben and Jerrys Schweddy Balls that came out Thursday

Yummy Spiced Rum Balls


funny xmas greeting card – U…


Rum, it’s not just for b…


Ice Cream Brownie Charm


BOGO Best Rum Balls Ever


Strawberry Chocolate Double …


Alan’s Favorite- Rum Bal…


30 Rock Lemon & Donaghy


Holiday Rum Balls


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I’m a Hufflepuff!!!

21 Aug

This week the Inter web got it’s first look at the new Pottermore website.  The official J.K.Rowling website that was launched in July for a limited number of members released screenshots and other infomation for those of us not lucky enough to already be in Pottermore.

This week also announced Warner Bros offering tickets to the set of the Harry Potter movies so we can all be part of this magical world.

While these two things might be wonderful for most Harry Potter fans, it fails to address the most important question posed in the Potter universe.  What the frak is a Hufflepuff?

Hufflepuff really?? I'm not even evil enough for Slytherin??

Yes, it’s time to bring to the light the dark secret of the Hufflepuff.  The school that even the Sorting Hat refers to as “the rest”.  A house so unloved their homeroom is in the basement, and the only Hufflepuff character in the Harry Potter books that did anything, died (Cedric Diggory).

I showed up just long enough to die

Look at the description of Hufflepuff and you will find words like hard working, loyal, team player, and other phrases one would use to make a kid feel better after they lost the big game.

Even the mascot is an embarrassment.   All the other houses have giant snakes and half lion magic creatures while they have a badger.  I’m not even sure the badger is even sitting up on the crest, and I’m still not sure a Hufflepuff is a badger.

No he is standing up....or more leaning against the name

Now don’t get me wrong, I know if I ever got the magic letter handed to me by an owl, when I entered the Great Hall that evil little sorting hat would just point over to me yelling “HUFFLEPUFF” without it even being put on my head.   I really like my cup of tea and I much rather “find” things then save the world, but do they have to be that sad?  Can’t Hufflepuffs be known for more then being lame?

Hufflepuff Don’t Care Ba…


Harry Potter Inspired- Mini…


Hufflepuff Earrings


Muggle Born Toddler T-Shirt


Madame Puddifoot’s Tea S…


Small Hufflepuff Moleskine J…


Harry Potter Spell – Mischie…


Hufflepuff House Soap


Weekend Top Ten- Cthulhu Waits Dreaming…pt1

9 Jul

From the Great Deep of the Sea/Sky, The Great Deep of Lovecraft’s Mind, The Great Deep of Cult Idealology, We give you Cthulhu’s Top Ten! Click on them or beware that the mythical monster will come hunt you when the stars are right.

Number 10- Cthulhu Wood Cut Necromicon Page

Necromicon Page

by Raineysmith

Number 9- Cthulhu Glass Amber Bottle

Cthulhu Glass Amber Bottle

by WishingThorn

Number 8- Cthulhu Metal Necklace

Cthulhu Metal Necklace

by diamondstarhaloATL

Number 7- Tentacle Fake Gauge Earrings

Tentacle Fake Gauge Earrings

by deceptions

Number 6- Cute-thulu Charm

Cute-thulu Charm

by BlingSquared

Stay Tuned for Part Two Tomorrow! I think He will stay sleeping till then.

Kimmie out.

Weekend Weird: Drop Dead fashion

26 Jun

Apart from a simple shark tooth necklace or the lucky rabbits foot, there are FAR more specimens of death in fashion.  I started this post to sort of poke fun and bring back a feel of below the basement, but as I checked out the more well made pieces I started reading on how they were made, of what, and gauging how bad i wanted some of these.

This first line of drop dead awesome I would like to show you are made  from real bones, by MaryaZoya. Her shop clearly states that no animals were harmed while making her pieces, only using materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

Taxidermy Couture

 jaw bone necklace from a minkvertebrae of a raccoon necklace

Left: A genuine jaw bone necklace from a mink. It is hand painted with red and gold with a matching chain

Right: A choker necklace actually made with vertebrae of a raccoon. From ‘choked’ to ‘choker.’

Check it out more after the jump!

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Weekend Weird- Video Games IRL

5 Jun

Somewhere between waking up this morning, and deciding I needed 15 more minutes, I had a half dream that I was in a video game. It was a lame game, I was just myself in control of myself. Like the Sims. The only good thing that came from this boring little wisp of unconscious-ness  was the idea for this blog post.

What If Video Games invaded real life? Sure, they invade my daily life simply by me allowing more time for games, than for cooking and other such nonsense, but how much fecal matter to be found in your pants when you open your window to find 8-bit space ships coming in hot for your location? I would indeed, crap my pants.

Maybe I wouldn’t loose the contents of my bowels, I would  however, be SOL because I’m not sure Space Invaders can be defeated with a USB capable controller.

Okay, Okay, So maybe The Rapture won’t come from a pixelized UFO Invasion. It could come from a hiccup in the space time continuum caused by the many parallel Hyrule universes and the constant time jumping of Link.

Honestly, If video games DID start being real, I would think things would be more realistic. Scruffy Italian men ripping innocent drivers from their cars, Mario and Luigi carting around collecting red shells, and Zelda having a drink with Princess Peach in a small dive bar bickering over who has the most manly man of a man.

There is also a good video of Peach and Zelda laying the “getting caught on purpose” myth to rest. As true.

Weird or what?

-Kimmie out.

Zelda Nail Set




Zelda mouse pad


Link Nintendo 3DS C…


Shy Guy Iron On Pat…


Princess Peach with…


Wedding Cake Topper…


Bowser Pinata – MAD…


Space Invaders Insp…


Space Invaders Tie …


Space Invaders Dog …


Vinyl Wall Sticker …


Weekend Weird- “Geek Bombing”

29 May

This Sunday we would like to Invite you to leave your house and bring your inner geek on an adventure! Of course, we wont fault you for staying home and surfing Moms Basement or Etsy!

To start things off I want to show you a recent trend on both the internet and *gasp* the real outside world, an event called Yarn Bombing. If you have the needles, the yarn, and the Imagination we would love to see if any Basement Dwellers could replicate these awesome exhibits of Nerdery. Coming next month is International Yarn Bombing Day. One website,, sends a world-wide invitation to participate in the holiday cheer:

“The hope is that by having yarn bombers around the world put up pieces of graffiti knitting and crochet on the same day, as a collective group. If you are are a knitter or a crocheter, I hope that you will join others in a day of world yarn domination “

So If you get the chance to bomb something with yarn, we here at Moms basement would love to see it!

For our Technology nerds, Ive found something totally strange. Its called a “Dead Drop.” Take the idea of  peer-to-peer programs, but outside in the streets and alleys. Imagine a literal pandora of music and media files left behind and shared by others. You can even add your own. The project was started by

On the site, they state:

Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your laptop to a wall, house or pole to share your favorite files and data. Each dead drop is installed empty except a readme.txt file explaining the project.

With almost 500 drop sites word-wide, You can , get out there and find a Dead Drop near you! As long as you have the big bad Norton body…er…laptop guard
The project is open to everyone and anyone can ‘implant’ a Dead drop and upload the location to the database. Expect Us to be participating in this soon!

Please let us know if you find yourself plugged into to one of these awesome super secret sharing slots!

How can we go a week without mentioning LEGOS…Read more!


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