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Melvin and Ourselves are always looking to make more geek friends. If you are interested in Link Exchanges, Guest Writing, or Becoming a Moms Basement Writer,  Let us know! If you would like to be added to our list of “Melvin’s Friends” or would like to write a Guest Geek post, Please send an Email to: or use the form below!

We focus on, and  Love, featuring other geek crafters, gamers, and bloggers! If you are a geek for ANYTHING, we want to hear from you, your friends, your family, your weird uncle Dave, and anyone else who has ever been called a geek! 

We are Always looking for new writers, Video Bloggers, And New and interesting Geek Crafts! 

Also, We do GiveAways(meaning all you do is comment to win) every TWO WEEKS! Everyone is eligible to enter except our staff. If you would like to donate an item (receiving two weeks free exposure in return) please contact us using the email Address above.

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