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Hi all! I’m Holly.. Owner of this here blog and lover of all things geek.

I currently live in San Marcos, Tx, but I am a Las Vegas native.  I am a long way away from home, but I am loving life here in central Texas.

I run Custom Comix, an Etsy shop that sells handmade one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable comic book art. I guess you can say I am a huge comic book nerd!

I am SO excited to have so many awesome writers here on this blog, and it’s always so fun to see what our readers are going to make this week.. It definitely makes getting through a tough work week manageable. This blog has grown from a two man operation to the amazing site it has bloomed into today. We are continuing to grow as a community and as a team to bring you all of the latest and greatest in geek crafts, news, reviews and everything in between!

Random Facts About Me:

I am a HUGE Star Wars freak. I am often found playing SWTOR  when there is *and isn’t* time. I read too many comics for my own good. My writing style is that of an angry larper. I am learning how to play Magic the Gathering  just for the sole purpose of showing my Viking boyfriend the meaning of a SMACK DOWN. Annnddd…I have an obsession with Melvin. <3 Hands off DEB.

Holly’s Links: | My Articles | Tumblr | Facebook |

Hello! I’m Michelle and I live in Carlisle, PA. I love food and I love being a geek, so I will be filling your minds (and hopefully your stomachs) with geeky foodie awesomeness! I also have a weak spot for independent microbrew beers, I’m a bit of a beer snob, so that will most likely make it’s way into the foodie fun as well!

I have a shop on etsy, FunWithNeedles, where I sell cross stitched art and jewelry, usually inspired by video games or TV shows that I love. Portal was the subject of my first cross stitch actually, oh how I love that game.

I was raised by a Korean mother and Irish father, so I have a good mix of needing everything to be perfect (you know High Expectations Asian Father? that’s my mom) and needing to chill out and letting everything go for a little while!

I’m an aspiring drummer, lover of horrible asian horror movies and exercise procrastinator. I’m also a young Padawan learner here at Mom’s Basement, and I’m so happy to be here!


Hi, I’m Erin. I am a tad eccentric, a little whimsical, and absolutely obsessed with books, Moms Basement Writerhistory, anime, manga, and everything else about Japanese culture.

While my obsession with anime and manga didn’t begin until the ripe old age of 20, I have been in love with books all my life. While I love the ‘standard’ geek books like Harry Potter and Sandman, what I really love to do is take classic books, make them fun, and poke good-natured fun at the geekiness of myself and my fellow booklings.

While we didn’t have console games in my house growing up, my parents more than made up for it by grooming me and my teenage brother to be Star Trek geeks. (My youngest brother is a Star Wars geek. We don’t know what happened.)

I am beyond excited to writing for this blog. I get to let out my geekiness amongst friends and get to talk about my favorite things without people thinking I’m (too) crazy.

Erin’s Links: | Articles | Tumblr | Etsy Shop | Other Etsy Shop | Facebook |

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moms basement writermomsbasement writer
My friends call me Bruce Osborne, you can call me… well, Bruce Osborne.  I’m a crotchety sixty-something nerd in a thirty-something’s body who never gets out of his comfort zone.  Though, my comfort zone is filled with chocolate and redheads, so you really can’t blame me.  I’m also a lover of movies and comics, and can get very opinionated about them.

I’ve been writing since I was seven and there is just something about seeing my words on paper (or screen in this case) that eases the pressure on my mind from the overflow of ideas and opinions.  I look forward to stretching my fingers and mind, sharing my thoughts, and generally nerding out with everyone here.

Bruce’s Links: | Articles | Facebook |

Hi! My name is Alia, and I’m pretty sure I was slated to be a geek before I was even born, as I am named after Alia Atreides from the novel Dune. I am an artist and crafter, working mainly with polymer clay to create video game awesomeness for my Etsy shop: Outpost8.I also love to paint – mainly in acrylics but I am also trying out oil painting. My mother is a painter and jewelry artist and I’m pretty sure I got my talent from her.

My main geek interest is video games. Fallout, Zelda, and Metroid are my favorites. I am crazy about Dragon Ball Z and Japanese culture, and I am in love with anything post-apocalyptic and create found object and salvage jewelry for my other Etsy shop: Blastland.

I am currently living in Boise, Idaho with my husband and 5-year-old son. We are all gamers – my son was already in love with Bejeweled at 2 years old. I was raised here in Boise, but had been living in a tiny casino town in Nevada for the past 5 years. Moving back here was a hard transition, but having my Etsy shop and actually being able to make a living from it has made all the difference.

My geek credentials include 2 years of Japanese in college (as well as writing and art classes), years of video games and sci-fi books, and having my Nuka-Cola necklaces published in Playstation Magazine. :) My hopes for the future are for my Etsy shops to become even more successful, to someday have my own studio (even if it’s just a tiny guest room), to visit Japan, and finally finish the sci-fi novel I’ve been working on for 10 years.

Alia’s Links: | Articles | Etsy | Other Etsy Shop | Deviant Art |

 Hello lovelies I’m Charlie! In a nut shell a fashion obsessed, bookish, Costume Design major that just wants to make pretty things for a living. Until then I freelance as a makeup artist, go to school, and pay the rent with a bank teller job.I’m the product of a single southern hair dresser. I’m convinced that spending too much time in hair salons that closely resemble Truvy’s from the movie Steel Magnolias (don’t know what that is… for shame!) had a huge hand in the eclectic person that I’ve become.

My life is far from what I would consider interesting here in my new home town of San Marcos, Texas but I love it either way. I recently moved out to central Texas to go to Texas State University and I’m excited to get that ball rolling; though it’s a heavy and expensive ball. My goal is to somehow manage to make a living designing costumes and makeup for the theater (and maybe film who knows).I’m also very passionate about body acceptance, gay rights, and trying to make a difference in this crazy world!

Charlie’s Links: | Articles | Tumblr |

Hello, hello, you can call me Keana Labra until I figure out my Kryptonian name. Amateur photographer and an aspiring storyboard artist, doodling my dreams on anything (and anyone) until then. Technologically primitive, I use Tumblr to rant, Facebook’s a mind maze and my Twitter is barren. I’m from California and the baby of this staff (I’m pretty sure I’m the youngest. And probably the shortest, darn you Asian-ness!)

I love dorky cute things and beanies galore. I’m cheating on my guitar with my piano and sometimes when I’m bored with both, I take my skateboard out for a spin.

Cartoon shows like Avatar: the Last Airbender, Dragon Ball Z, Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited all have a special place in my heart. Being a shy kid, some of my closest friends were the boys with lightning shaped scars and the dragons that could talk from my books. But just cause I’m shy, doesn’t mean I’m not loud! I love comics, any and all, from V for Vendetta to your regular Sunday strips. But none can compare to the Marvel and DC Universes. And especially Gambit! How can you not love Remy LeBeau?!

I keep a sketchbook and my iPod with me at all times, I’m a bit OCD and I have a tendency to name all items in my possession. All this stuff is relatively new, so please, bear with me and my noob-ness? Nemo me impune lacessit, and utterly pleased to meet you.

Hello, I’m Doctor Moo! I’m your typical mouth-breathing, socially awkward penguin. My childhood was spent watching bad sci-fi reruns and playing endless video games. When I wasn’t gaming or enjoying geeky TV, I was watching my dad or brother game. This early exposure to geekery hugely influenced my crafts, since there’s little I make that wasn’t spawned from my childhood memories.

I have a degree in music history, as well as in library-ing. I love reading and I work in a school library (where I also do IT), but music is a greater passion. I’ve combined my loves of music and geekery to write Melvin’s geek song articles. I’d love to hear your favourite geek music!

Outside of nerding it up and avoiding human contact at all cost, I love to cook and am very passionate about living sustainably. I leave nearly all items in my home unplugged and try to keep lights off as much as possible. I use no A/C or heat (no small feat when you live in Winterpeg). I commute on foot, bike, or bus. I eat a plant-based diet, but that was probably obvious, since I’m a time-travelling cow.

Doctor Moo’s Links: | Articles | Etsy | Tumblr | Flickr |


Sorry about that, I left the unworldly villain font on.

Hello fellow dwellers. The name is Anthony Carl, Or “Ant “ for short (also in the world of Gaming I am known as “Nicalrant” which is my full name just jumbled up.)

For the most part I’m a lover of Anime and Games, Mostly on the Console gaming side. I’m not picky either, I tend to enjoy mostly anything that is put in front of me. To narrow down some faves, I’m a beast at Fighting games and a lover of RPG/JRPG’s.

I’ve been playing games since I were wee lad when my hands could grasp a controller, starting out with the Master System (SEGAKID4LYFE) and made up in the ranks to where I’m at now, playing the hell out of some games. Currently I am deep in fighting games like Street Fighter, King of Fighters and readily awaiting Persona 4 Arena (Two loves in one! EEEEE!) but will make time to others like Nier, Metal Gear, Tales of series, my personal fave the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series or things like Fatal Frame, Resident Evil and Silent Hill, I am very well rounded.

I’ve been told and praised about my unbiased views on gaming and unfiltered voice towards them, I hope to bring that same passion here, I assure you, Be prepared to hear what my crazy little mind with my loudmouth has to say about them.

Feel free to request, talk or even make fun of my mother. I can take it. But can you? I look forward to sharing my passion with you.

Hi! My Name is, Laina and I have been a geek since the first day my Mom introduced me to Lost in Space reruns as a little kid. I live with my wonderful husband, Zac, our geek-in-training daughter, Iris, and our pet Ferret, Pauly.

We live in Michigan were I am a stay at home mom, and I also run an Etsy store called, House of Iris Gift Shop. I sell a variety of Geekery that I sculpt from Polymer Clay, but I would love to work with more mediums in the future–including SFX makeup and prosthetics! I love creating and I’ve met so many amazing people through Etsy and I’m so excited to be a member of the Mom’s Basement Team!

Some more facts about me:

I love to watch TERRIBLE movies… I mean TERRIBLE! (and if you love to watch terrible movies too, then I highly recommend Troll 2). I’m into zombies and monster movies, 1960’s TV shows, junk food, playing video games, and I’m obsessed with things that make me nostalgic. Most of all I adore my family and getting to share awesome experiences with them!


HI! Im Kimmie I’m more than a little ‘out there’ but I come back to my senses ever so often. I spend a good amount of time designing the site you are currently docked upon. I also make Top Ten Lists here and there, and Let you know of any Upcoming Seattle Events!

Im a tree lovin’, recyclin’, economy car drivin’ earth girl. Ive never been able to let go of old school games and TV shows. Remember when Nickelodeon was Nickelodeon? Slime, Angry Beavers, Ren and Stimpy, and How could you forget AHH Real Monsters!? Ok, Ill put my inner child on time out for a moment.

Moms Basement WriterI dabble a bit into painting pixels on canvas, and my favorite game character has to be Chain Chomp because I feel he is tragically misunderstood like many dogs tied outside. (I would bark at an Italian in overalls too.)

I’ve hand-painted my own dresser, picture frames, lamps, desks, you name it, I painted it to fit my personal style, I even got a hold of my boyfriend’s gas door on his car. Can’t stop creativity!

Believe it or not, I do other things when not tweeking with Mom’s Basement or teaching Melvin how to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. I Work on cars, I make my own purses and wallets, I’m an aspiring Photographer, I train dogs, I drag race tuner cars, and I collect hats. Oh Jeeeez HATS! I’m a freak for any kind of beanie.

Also I don’t like Star Wars, Star Trek, or Star Jones.

Kimmie’s Links: | My Articles | Twitter | Facebook | Deviant Art |

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Moms Basement writer

Hey hey! I’m Debra, aka yumeleona23. I’m a pixel crafter, using all that old school game art to create perler bead sprites or even some cross stitch items (though, truthfully, I’m too addicted to immediate results to cross stitch for sales). I like to think of myself as the ultimate geek: I like anime, manga, fantasy novels, fantasy and scifi movies, Jpop, video games, sentai, Dungeons and Dragons, d20 games…and this isn’t even including my affinity for Broadway showtunes.Plunder Bunny Frame

When I’m not crafting or geeking it up, I work as a freelance stage manager in New York City. I’ve been here 3 years, “living the dream” of the “Rent”-like bohemian artist. It’s not good for the wallet, so I turned to crafting to supplement my income. So head on over to my store and consider yourself a patron to the arts!

And I am a huge Monkey Island fan and one of the very very few gamer artists that feature him in their shops. So if you have some Guybrush love, head on over!

Debra’s Links: | Articles | Etsy | Twitter | Deviant Art |

4 Responses to “Staff Bios”

  1. Jennifer Jimenez April 25, 2011 at 10:44 am #

    i would be in love if i were a dude…….just as a side note, when i saw the word gank, the first thing to pop in my mind was some sort of shank Gumby would use….

    • siss85 June 8, 2011 at 11:42 pm #

      The Gankin’ Shankin’ Gumby! Betta’ Recognize! Album drops this summer i heard. Cant wait! And yes…this team seems to rock my face pretty darn hard.

  2. Jennawynn June 29, 2011 at 12:04 am #

    Holly- I don’t want to sound like a groupie or anything, but I just started a gaming blog at first dedicated to girl gamers, now more towards reviews written for parents as a kind of booster to ESRB ratings. That’s not why I’m saying hi though. Actually it is because I was born and raised in Vegas, and am here for the summer while my husband is on deployment. I thought I had the geekiest baby on the west coast (she rolled her first d20 at the tender age of 4 months), but since I don’t care for Star Wars or WoW (I prefer DDO), I’ll let you have that one. I’m done stalking now. Love the site!

  3. customcomix July 28, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    HEY! You are in Vegas? That is way too cool. I didn’t know there were any geeks out here. Where can I get a hold of you? I’d like to chat it up with a local geek chick!

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