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These are the Winners from past Contests. These Contests are CLOSED.
You can However Go to the Giveaway page and Enter To win geeky garb there!


2nd Annual Geeky Easter Egg Contest


CONTEST CLOSED: This contest was to create a Geeky Easter Egg! 

The first place winner was: HOPE w/ her NYAN CAT egg!! Congrats Hope!!!

space invaders space bar

Caption Contest Two

CONTEST CLOSED: This contest was to caption the photo of our mascot Melvin and his friend Mulder having a chat.

Caption contest

*Wild Melvin Has Appeared*
Mulder: Damn i’m all out of pokeballs……
Melvin: o_O

Jasmine wont our 1st Place prize will be a pair of Pikachu Earrings from Amaimegumi
Her caption is above.

Charlie C won our 2nd Prize of  a Set of 5 Mario Goomba Themed greeting cards with Envelopes by GeekChicknits.
His Caption was: “Dude, there’s no need to get upset. I’m sure when Scully has the baby we’ll be able to tell which one of us is the father!” 

And our tie breaker caption from Sarah G won our runners up prize of a Sushi Head Necklace by Amai Megumi
Her caption was:  “you should consider a new wardrobe, pixels are soooo ’80s”

space invaders space bar

Caption Contest One

CONTEST CLOSED: This contest was to caption the Godzilla On A Date Picture. There were two winners, 1st place recieved a master key from 8bitClassics and 2nd place won a Genie in a bottle charm.  Here is the picture with the two winning Captions:

godzilla in love

"Blind Dates: When your mother just wants to get rid of you. Permanently." Eiznek, 1st place

Second Place Caption was: ” Keep walking, no eye contact, and nobody gets hurt!!” from Tracey!

Congratulations to you both! Keep on geekin!

space invaders space bar


CONTEST CLOSED: This months contest was all about D&D. Thats right.. Dungeons and DRAGONS!!! WINNER  received A Melvin painting by Kimmie and a keychain by Debra!

First Place Went to GothicPanda with the amigurumi plushie Beholder!

The Beholder

winner WINNER winer Gothic Panda

We loved what the winner had to say about her entry:

 “I thought it’d be a fun challenge to try and make a nasty monster into a cutesy (albeit still creepy) amigurumi plushie.”

Check out the links below to see all other entries:

Red Book cover by GeekChicArts
Felt dice by Geeky and Cheeky
“How I roll” onsie  by Geekling Designs
Grimlok the Orc dice bag by Kirsten
Behold! The Beholder, by Lisa C
Melvin D&D Original Painting by Blakenetizen
Editor Entry: Bead Dragon by yumeleona23

space invaders space barGEEK EASTER EGG CONTEST

CONTEST CLOSED: We challenged you to create an Easter Egg dedicated to the geek topic of your choice!! out of 55 votes the Results are HERE! The winner received a 1up Mushroom charm by  HunnyandOats!!   

First Place went to GeekChicArts With R2d2 Egg!

r2d2 egg

Winner WINNER winner


Check out the links below to see all other entries:

 1st place: R2D2 Egg by Geek Chic Art

Egg Melvin Entry by TDonahue

Exeggcute Eggs by StitchPlease

Doctor Who EGG by Lisa W

Hello Kitty Egg by Lisa W

Wall-E’s Eve Egg By Lisa W

Katamari By Lisa W

PvZ Zombie by Lisa W

Boba Fett By Lisa W

Editor Entry, Pong by Kimbertastic

Editor Entry, Tetris By Kimbertastic

Editor Entry, Melviin By Yumeleona23

Editor entry Watchmen by yumeleona23

Editor Entry, Spiderman by yumeleona2

Editor Entry, Monkey Island’s Murray by yumeleona23

Editor Entry, Yoshi Egg by yumeleona23 Editor Entry, 

Sailor Moon by yumeleona23

Editor Entry, Wolverine  by Customcomix

Editor Entry, Hulk by Customcomix

space invaders space barMARCH MELVIN CONTEST

CONTEST CLOSED: March theme was.. MELVIN.. of course! If you dont already know, Melvin is our well loved mascot of moms basement.

First  place went to Niswanderceramics for Melvin’s Ashtray!

unique ashtrays

Winner WINNER winner!

Check out the links below to see all other entries:

1st place- Ashtray Melvin -Niswanderceramics

2nd place-Melvin made of yarn- MalonB 

Editor Entry-Decoupage Melvin-CustomComix

Editor Entry-Pixel Melvin-Kimbertastic Editor Entry-Perler Melvin-Debra

Melvin’s Mom by Unish Ewanish

Basement Dweller by GothicPanda

Polymer Clay Melvin by SweetGeek

Centaur Melvin by beatupcreation

StarWars Melvin by Beatupcreations

WaterColor Melvin by Momoma


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