Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/5/13- Empira

5 Jun

ghost busterIt’s time to geekify your ride.  How would you do this, you ask?  By attaching a geeky automobile badge, that’s how!

Jason Davies of Empira hand crafts custom car emblems to turn your vehicle into the Ecto1!  Ok, maybe not actually transform your car, but the emblem is pretty awesome.

Fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and more will find the vehicle they want to emulate, so go visit today!


Superman vs. the Elite

5 Jun

Only 9 days to Man of Steel!

Superman vs the Elite

What’s so funny about truth, justice, and the American way? It’s a question writer Joe Kelly proposed us in 2001 in “Action Comics” issue #775. It countered more violent comics by showing us Superman still has relevance in today’s world. That things like honor and morality are not outdated concepts, but rather cherished virtues that we should hold on to. Even in the face of increased violence and cynicism. Over ten years later, this question still has importance as this story is adapted into the animated movie “Superman vs. The Elite.”

SvE pulls off this adaptation quite well with clever writing and a deep plot. Much of it works fairly well as a standalone story and doesn’t have to rely much on the DC continuum. Characters that we are familiar with (i.e. Superman and Lois Lane) are done with a strong amount of loyalty to their comic counterparts. In fact, they would have to be given the nature of the story. The characters that aren’t as common (i.e. The Elite) are introduced with rapid efficiency but are creatively designed and well written. The animation is good, but Superman’s design seems to be inconsistent. Most scenes he comes off as normal, but there are a few moments he looks like his chin is bigger than his chest. Jimmy Olsen also dresses like he is going to a Pearl Jam concert, but his role is so small in this movie that it didn’t really bother me. The only real flaw the movie has is that it doesn’t spend enough time on Superman’s point of view. Sure most people are going into the movie knowing that Superman stands for truth, justice, and the American way. But the movie should act like we don’t already know that. It clearly emphasizes the point that might doesn’t make right, but doesn’t explain why being nice is such a good idea. The movie just assumes we already know. Almost everything here is done very well, but I just felt it could have dived a little deeper into the debate. I highly recommend this movie even though some people might not appreciate a movie that doesn’t keep its mouth shut. But at least this time it’s a movie that has something worth saying.


Mom's Basement Movie Article about Superman vs. the Elite by Bruce Osborne

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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/4/13- Geeky U

4 Jun

tardis leggingsI will admit it, I love leggings.  I never thought I would, but I wear them all the time.  But what I really need are some geeky leggings.

Khalil Marenco of Geeky U creates clothing with a geek edge.  Not only can I get leggings there, but I can get TARDIS leggings.

Shirts, bags, ewok hoods, you can find it all at Geeky U.  So go visit today!


Tuesday’s Treasury: Bizarre and Awesome

4 Jun

I was looking through my favorites list on Etsy recently and thought, “Wow, I’ve favorited a lot of weird things.” I’ve always been a lover of strange things, and I think it’s great that places like Etsy exist so sellers can share their strange creations with like-minded people.

I’ve created a treasury of some awesome oddities from my favorites list, perfect for the discerning weirdo…



Favourite & Follow this shop…


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A Walk in the Park


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Butter Dish : Black and Char…


Half a Flagon – ACEO LE


Dirt Ball – Our Big Balls – …


Waffle and Syrup Sheets w/ o…


Medium, Day Of The Tentacle …


Earrings-Thumbtack pin stud …


Pee wee herman as a caterpil…


Eyeballs in a bottle necklac…


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/3/13- Sleepy Robot 13

3 Jun

ramen botRobots!  One of the reasons why I love robots so much is because of their lack of human characteristics… but I love it when they act like people too.

Lisastarchild of Sleepy Robot 13 hand crafts robots doing random things, and looking very cute while doing it.  Who’s that in my ramen?

Robots with their pets, robots eating tacos, robots being surprised with a cupcake… they’re all there!  So go visit today!


Convention Artists

3 Jun

I’m sure you’ve all heard of various conventions that take place across the country. From Comic Con to Anime Central, there are several different Cons that cover all different areas of geek culture, whether it’s video games, comic books, film, or anime. There is at least one time a year at one location where the fan of a particular media can get together, share their passions, have an amazing time, and then separate until they reconvene one year later. At these conventions, there are a plethora of people showing how much they love their particular area of interest.

Comic Con

The diverse crowd at a convention

Two of the most common people at these conventions would be cosplayers and artists. Cosplayers are people who take time to create a costume that represents a character from a TV show, video game, anime, etc. They then wear these costumes at their convention of choice, typically mobbed by photographers who want to get a picture of the person and the end result of all their efforts. The other type of people, artists, are those who make hand-made merchandise that they sell at the convention, typically in an artist alley where they are all gathered together for ease of navigation. These artists make all sorts of cool items, such as paintings, plushies, prints, magnets, pins, and anything else you can dream up that represents something geeky. However, not all cosplayers and artists are genuine about their craft.

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