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Tuesday’s Treasury: Bizarre and Awesome

4 Jun

I was looking through my favorites list on Etsy recently and thought, “Wow, I’ve favorited a lot of weird things.” I’ve always been a lover of strange things, and I think it’s great that places like Etsy exist so sellers can share their strange creations with like-minded people.

I’ve created a treasury of some awesome oddities from my favorites list, perfect for the discerning weirdo…



Favourite & Follow this shop…


Mechanical Spider Sculpture …


Gothic Snake Cleaver Hand Fo…


A Walk in the Park


PowderBeast – Post Apocalyp…


Rough Sailing, OOAK steampun…


Pair of Tentacle candlestick…


Butter Dish : Black and Char…


Half a Flagon – ACEO LE


Dirt Ball – Our Big Balls – …


Waffle and Syrup Sheets w/ o…


Medium, Day Of The Tentacle …


Earrings-Thumbtack pin stud …


Pee wee herman as a caterpil…


Eyeballs in a bottle necklac…


My Favorite Haunts

17 Apr

I’ve been a member of Etsy and DeviantART for a few years now, and have amassed quite a collection of favorite artists and shops. There are some that I like to visit periodically to see what’s new, because I simply love everything they create and can’t wait to see what they’ll have next. This week I thought I would share some of the artists and crafters I stalk (in a good way!) and maybe they’ll become a favorite of yours as well.

DirtyandDistressed is one of my favorite shops that I have yet to buy something from (eep!). They’re your outpost for the perfect clothing and accessories to complete any post-apocalyptic cosplay.

Men's One of a Kind Radioactive Yellow Dirty and Distressed Wasteland Tank Top by DirtyandDistressed

Men’s One of a Kind Radioactive Yellow Dirty and Distressed Wasteland Tank Top by DirtyandDistressed

Kenneth Fairclough has a gallery of gorgeous environment and character concept art. I would want to play anything that these scenes were used in.

Frost Kingdom by KennethFairclough

Frost Kingdom by KennethFairclough

Discomedusa sells gorgeous and unique gauges for your lobes, as well as regular earrings and rings.

Small Gear Blade Hoop Earrings by discomedusa

Small Gear Blade Hoop Earrings by discomedusa

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The End is Nigh

19 Dec
Environment: POST-APOCALYPSE by inetgrafx

Environment: POST-APOCALYPSE by inetgrafx

Tomorrow is officially No Year’s Eve, as many people believe 12/21/12 will be the end of the world, based on information from the Mayan calendar and paranoid scientists. Whether you believe the end is coming or not, it’s an excuse to party! I love all things post-apocalyptic, so tomorrow Melvin and I will be settling in for a long winter’s (dirt) nap with Fallout 3 and our coveted Twinkies.

If you won’t be busy stock-piling food or building a bunker, check out the awesome art below for ideas to make a kick-ass apocalypse party! It might be the last party you ever throw, so it ought to be good.

First, you’re going to need a location. Nuclear bunkers and abandoned buildings are great places to set the mood.

Door 42 by 5isalive

Door 42 by 5isalive

In a bed of grass by Mafia--Hitman

In a bed of grass by Mafia–Hitman

Nuclear Sunset by PerfectStrangerAsMe

Nuclear Sunset by PerfectStrangerAsMe

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Mechanical Wonders

15 Aug

What’s cooler than steampunk? Steampunk contraptions that actually function. Because really, what’s the point of all those gears if they don’t actually do anything? (Besides looking cool, that is.) The following gallery includes amazing inventions and art pieces that would make DaVinci and Atrus proud.

The Braxtonian Lantern by JWKinseysArtifice

This wall sconce features a slowly rotating inner cylinder and displays a star field on the ceiling in a dark room. It looks amazing, and the super fun part? That round knob at the top is the on/off switch.

Personal Reactor by ReactionDesigns

This cool necklace features a tiny “reactor,” composed of sterling silver, brass, titanium, and a glowing glass tube. The front of the pendant slides closed over the tube, where the light then shines through the three portholes in the front.

Steampunk Rotating Gear Heart by CarryTheWhat

Functional steampunk doesn’t have to be expensive. This awesome puzzle heart was 3D printed in metallic plastic. It can be twisted apart and rotated back together. It also comes in a colorful cube variety.

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The Digital Age

8 Aug

I’m a lover of traditional art. I love to see the paint strokes on canvas, the curves in sculpture, and to know that I or another artist created that work with their own hands. But this is the age of technology and computers, and digital art is becoming much more prevalent now. I must admit that I know nothing about digital painting, and perhaps that’s why I used to have more of an affinity towards traditional methods. But after finding so many amazing works of art created digitally, I couldn’t help but have a respect for the medium. I’m quite sure it takes as much skill to work digitally as it does with a physical medium. I believe the medium doesn’t matter; it’s what the artist can create with it.

Below are some of my favorite geeky digital masterpieces. After viewing these, I hope you will have as much respect for the medium as I do.

Majin Buu by Jonas Skoog

This painting of Dragon Ball Z’s Majin Buu is downright creepy. Kid Buu was always one of the scarier villains, but seeing him in a realistic  portrayal is even worse, but in a really awesome way.

Royal Assassin by sakimichan

This sexy assassin painting is gorgeous! I love all the gold and black tones used.

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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 7/25/12- Two Horns United

25 Jul

zelda gas maskWith the oncoming apocalypse that we will inevitably all one day face together, we’re going to need some protection.  Something to help us breathe, something to make us look awesome.  I’m talking about bad ass gas masks.

Brian Cargile of Two Horns United knows how to make epic gas masks.  Like this Hylian Crest gas mask.

Looking for a gas mask to help guide you through Aperture Laboratories?  Well Brian’s got one, go check his shop out today!



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