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The Color of Things

6 Feb
Allure by black-dicefish

Allure by black-dicefish

A couple of years ago I discovered that I have Synesthesia – a neurological condition that causes different senses to be combined, rather than separate. A common trait of people with Synesthesia (synesthetes) is always perceiving letters, numbers, and words with certain colors attached to them. For example, ‘A’ will always be red to me, ‘B’ is brown, ‘C’ is yellow, ‘D’ is navy blue, etc. I also see colored shapes when I hear certain sounds, and perceive textures when I smell certain things. My sister also has Synesthesia and she is the reason I discovered my own. Up until that point, I thought seeing each letter as a color was normal. There are over 60 known kinds of Synesthesia and my sister has traits that I do not, such as tasting voices and perceiving numbers with personalities.

Synesthesia by ThePathOfDreams

Synesthesia by ThePathOfDreams

Most people with Synesthesia are creative and artistic by nature. And since this condition involves a lot of color, I thought I’d gather a collection of pieces with beautiful color palettes, and also include art by syesthetes as well. And even if you don’t have this condition, everyone loves color!


The following pieces are filled with many vibrant colors!

League of Legends - Zyra Fanart by  alexnegrea

League of Legends – Zyra Fanart by alexnegrea

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Go Bold

30 Jan

You can tell by my hair that I don’t like to be subtle in my appearance. This sometimes applies to the jewelry I wear as well. I like all kinds of jewelry, but occasionally, I want something that makes a statement. Fortunately, if you feel the same way, there are many artists out there that create such pieces. Prepare to be noticed!

Warrior Pagan Fae Woven  Wire Copper Necklace by WireMoon

Warrior Pagan Fae Woven Wire Copper Necklace by WireMoon

Raw Pyrite Four Finger Ring

Raw Pyrite Four Finger Ring

Super Space Tetris Man Nintendo Bib Necklace by MyCheekyCreations

Super Space Tetris Man Nintendo Bib Necklace by MyCheekyCreations

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The Finer Things

14 Nov

I love jewelry. I love bold, fun jewelry, understated, pretty pieces, and everything in between. There is a lot of geeky jewelry on Etsy, and much of it is of the fun and quirky variety, many of my own creations included. But sometimes I want to wear fine jewelry – something elegant that will stand the test of time. Luckily, there are artists on Etsy that have combined geekiness and fine jewelry, so you never have to choose between the two.

If you’re fond of dragons and fantasy, this ring should make you happy. It was created with a glass taxidermy eye and argentium silver.

Evil Eye Ring by thatSandygirl

Jewelsvine is one of my favorite shops. I have purchased from them in the past and still love my necklace. It was hard to choose just one item to feature, but I love this test tube necklace! Be sure to check out their shop for other awesomeness, like rocket lockets, skulls, robot kitties, and steampunk instruments.

Steampunk Necklace Embryo Test Tube Vial by jewelsvine

I own a skull necklace from MichelleChangJewelry as well. She makes simple, elegant jewelry featuring skulls, foxes, hedgehogs, octopi and more.

Baby Skull Necklace in 14K Yellow Gold by MichelleChangJewelry

If you’re a gamer, MB’s own SketchyStories has some awesome jewelry for you, including this jumping Mario pendant, as well as a D-pad necklace, Link, and Minecraft pickaxe!

Mario Pendant 8bit Silver by sketchystories

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Spare Parts

3 Oct

I love anatomy and biology. I never had aspirations for a medical profession, but have always been fascinated with how organic things are created and function.

Not only are body parts interesting, they can also be pretty creepy if they aren’t in their proper place, so I thought they would make a very appropriate  topic for the beginning of October.


We all love brains! Literally and figuratively. The rubiks cube below isn’t just a puzzle for your brain, it is a brain. It’s amazingly realistic and I love the concept. Freeny’s gallery also includes sculptural anatomy cross-sections of your favorite video game characters and toys, including Mario and Lego men.

Rubiks Cube Brain Sculpt by freeny

Rapscalliondesign has a shop full of geeky and creepy goodies. This juicy pink brain necklace is also a locket, with room for a photo of your favorite zombie.

Brain Locket Necklace by rapscalliondesign

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Protecting the Basement

22 Aug

Since this post is a little different than the norm, and isn’t based on a theme or medium, the gallery in this week’s post exclusively features members of the Mom’s Basement Etsy Team. Enjoy!

Melvin disapproves of art theft… Melvin Sprite by YumesPixelCrafts

It came to my attention this week that someone on deviantART was using a of photo of mine, featuring my jewelry, without my permission. They posted it in their gallery and claimed to have made it themselves. I responded that this was my work and I would report them to admin, which in turn caused them to again insist that they made the jewelry in question and barrage me with a series of badly-spelled, juvenile insults. The photo was subsequently removed, however, all of the other photos in their gallery were also infringing on other artists’ ownership.

This seems harmless on the surface – just some tween’s boredom, or a troll trying to get a rise out of people. However, this person also claimed they could make custom orders or do trades for customers based on the pictures in their gallery. I would hate to think my or any other artist’s work was misleading people into thinking that’s what they were going to get, only to receive something sub-par, or worse, nothing at all.

Fall Impressions Pendant – Geek Atom by FaerieGardenFancies

This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with people using my designs for their own gain, but it caused me to think harder about what can be done about it. I know artists that have had similar experiences to mine, and many of us geeks that frequent the MB site are crafters and artists as well, so I hope the following information is useful.

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Mermaids and Monsters

25 Jul

Mermaid by Pascal Blanche

I’ve been a fan of cryptozoology since I was a little kid. So the other day, when my husband happened upon a documentary on the Discovery Channel about scientists finding the remains of an unknown sea creature, I was intrigued. These scientists claimed the remains, which they found in the stomach of a shark, included a strange tail flipper, a partial humanoid skull with large eye sockets and a cranial ridge, and the hilt of a hand carved weapon. Basically, they had found a mermaid. The show was two hours long and included eye witness accounts, photos, DNA testing and other substantial proof that an intelligent, humanoid marine creature existed.
So I was very disappointed the next day while Googling the title of the show, when I discovered that there was a disclaimer at the beginning of the “documentary” (we came into the show after it had already started and didn’t see it) that stated, “this two hour special is science fiction based on some real events and scientific theory.”

Mermaid by Gonzalo Ordonez Arias

The scientists featured were really actors. The only evidence presented in the show that I know isn’t completely fabricated is the “Bloop” caught on sonar in the south Pacific Ocean.
I feel duped and I know I’m not the only one. On Sunday the 15th, “mermaid body found” was the number one search term on Google.

Even though this show was a faux-umentary, it doesn’t necessarily mean a creature like that doesn’t exist. Remember the coelacanth? It was believe to be extinct since the Cretaceous, only to be found off the coast of Africa in 1938. The oceans are vast, largely unexplored areas where anything could exist. Based on that, and some artists’ amazing talent and imagination, I give you a gallery of amazing underwater creations.

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