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The New Number One

1 Dec

Captain America #1

Captain America #1

Rick Remender’s take on Cap is Captain America on crack.  But don’t worry, Steve hasn’t started taking drugs.  This volume of Cap is just more extreme and bizarre than Ed Brubaker’s deeply personal insight into Rogers.  Remender understands the character so the comic still feels like Cap, but this story isn’t the usual fare of protecting America from escaped Nazis.  It’s much more intense and far less subtle than Brubaker’s most violent issue.  I did find the extreme nature of it to be refreshing, but it might be jarring for long time Cap fans.  If you are not a long time Cap fan, now would be the perfect time to jump onboard.  You do need some rudimentary knowledge of Captain America’s world, but nothing you can’t find on Wikipedia.  Remender has taken Cap in a bold direction without sacrificing anything about the character in order to do it.  Something the writers for “Deadpool” should have done a couple weeks back.  John Romita’s art is also very well done and is perfect for Remender’s action focused style.  The story’s flow is fast, the writing is strong, and the art feels like Steve Rogers meets Kick-Ass.  Long time readers need to approach this book like it’s a new day, because it is.

Mom's Basement Comic Article about Captain America and Indestructible Hulk by Bruce Osborne

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The Return of the End

3 Nov

Avengers #32

Avengers #32

This article is primarily here to just let you know that Janet Dyne, a.k.a. the Wasp, is alive again. She was killed off a few years ago during the Secret Invasion storyline and the Marvel Universe rolled right along like nothing was different. At least they kept her dead for a while instead of bringing her back in the next issue. Writer Bendis is even trying to create a plausible reason why she isn’t micro worm food. In an industry that brings characters back and forth from death without any regard to logic, this story is actually a bit of a relief. I’ve even kind of glad to see the Wasp back in action. If anything it means that Hank Pym (Ant-Man) will stop acting like an emo kid off his depression meds. The only thing that puts me on the fence about the whole affair is that this feels like preparation to tie the comics more into the film franchise. An Ant-Man movie is being made and it will most likely feature Janet on some level or another. That, of course, means Ant-Man and Wasp will be brought into higher visibility in the comics to cash in on the peaked interest. And you can’t cash in on a character that is dead. Then again, I might just be reading much into this. It’s not like they launched a new Iron Man or Avengers comic when their movies came out. …Oh wait…

Mom's Basement Comic Article about UAvengers and Finales by Bruce Osborne

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Textile Art

17 Oct

When I was in college, I did a project for a woman who ran a free health facility. She had traveled the world on Green Peace projects and collected many types of textile art at the same time. She was in love with embroidery, batik, crochet, and pretty much every type of fabric art, and her collection decorated the walls of the large clinic. At the time, I thought that was a very strange thing to collect, but since then I’ve come to appreciate it as the art form it is. I now crochet and have hand-sewn many teddy bears as well.

If you love textile art, you’re in luck. The artists on Etsy and DeviantART have many amigurumi plushies, knit gamer hats, and pop culture samplers. I’ve rounded up the coolest ones I could find for your viewing enjoyment. :)


Needlefelting is a process where a barbed needle is poked over and over into  a wad of wool roving until it is compressed into a solid shape. I found some super cute and geeky needlefelted dolls on Etsy.

This Marceline doll by HeartFeltByCat is awesome! She also offers other custom made Adventure Time dolls including Finn, Flame Princess, and even Tree Trunks!

OOAK Custom Made Needle Felted Plush, Marceline by HeartFeltbyCat

Needle felted sculpture- Ludo from Labyrinth by Fairyspit

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Geek Photography

12 Sep

I’ve always admired beautiful and artistic photography. I never went through a photography phase when I was younger, like many people do, but I had to learn some basic skills (lighting, angle, composition) to create appealing product pictures for the items in my Etsy shop.

There are geeks lurking among the landscape and portrait photographers on DeviantART, and I’ve found them!

Fruit Ninja by Jan Michael Vincent Castillo

That cleaver looks dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as recreating Angry Birds…

Pencil Vs Camera – 37 by BenHeine

I just love the fluid transition of this chess drawing into the photo. BenHeine has many more Pencil Vs Camera images, as well as gorgeous photography, in his DeviantART gallery.

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Frank Miller was Right

8 Sep

Justice League #12

Justice League 12

Every once and a while, an event in a comic book will transcend the typical circles. Like the “Fantastic Four” issue where Johnny “The Human Torch” Storm “died.” People who never even stepped into a comic book shop before were asking about purchasing a copy. Another such issue comes around as Justice League issue twelve has Superman dancing tongues with Wonder Woman. Personally I don’t consider it a big deal since Frank Miller had them breaking a hole in the sky in “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” over a decade ago. I suppose it’s a bigger deal now since the relationship seems to be a part of the new continuum. With that in mind, it still doesn’t strike me as hard because a relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman always seemed like a perfect fit. Not only has Lois Lane been a complete (censored by the God of Derogatory Genital Words and Phrases) since the reboot, but there has always been that sexual incompatibility most famously brought up by the movie “Mallrats.” Lois Lane was always just the chick in distress that Superman needed to save, and I’m actually happy to see her left to the side of the road since comic books have evolved a great deal. Plus Lois is only a seven, while Wonder Woman is an easy ten.

Mom's Basement Comic Article about Justice League and Previews by Bruce Osborne

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Protecting the Basement

22 Aug

Since this post is a little different than the norm, and isn’t based on a theme or medium, the gallery in this week’s post exclusively features members of the Mom’s Basement Etsy Team. Enjoy!

Melvin disapproves of art theft… Melvin Sprite by YumesPixelCrafts

It came to my attention this week that someone on deviantART was using a of photo of mine, featuring my jewelry, without my permission. They posted it in their gallery and claimed to have made it themselves. I responded that this was my work and I would report them to admin, which in turn caused them to again insist that they made the jewelry in question and barrage me with a series of badly-spelled, juvenile insults. The photo was subsequently removed, however, all of the other photos in their gallery were also infringing on other artists’ ownership.

This seems harmless on the surface – just some tween’s boredom, or a troll trying to get a rise out of people. However, this person also claimed they could make custom orders or do trades for customers based on the pictures in their gallery. I would hate to think my or any other artist’s work was misleading people into thinking that’s what they were going to get, only to receive something sub-par, or worse, nothing at all.

Fall Impressions Pendant – Geek Atom by FaerieGardenFancies

This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with people using my designs for their own gain, but it caused me to think harder about what can be done about it. I know artists that have had similar experiences to mine, and many of us geeks that frequent the MB site are crafters and artists as well, so I hope the following information is useful.

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