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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 12/2/12- 8 Bit Classics

2 Dec

chain chompNow that December is here, are you setting up your tree and decorating your house?  Why not show off your geeky side?

Melissa and Ben of 8 Bit Classics have created some adorable video game themed ornaments to geek up your holiday decorating.

And if it’s gifts you’re looking for, their shop is chock full of perler bead magnets, keychains and more, so go check them out today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 9/23/12- Grandma’s Nook

23 Sep

chain chompFall is here!  My favorite time of the year.  Pumpkin coffee, leaves changing colors and scarves.  Scarves might be my favorite part.

Grandma’s Nook has a scarf that’s perfect to start off the season.  I will never be in a bad mood with Chain Chomp around my neck!

If you love Pokemon or Zelda, you should go look, there are some awesome scarves there that you will love!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 7/1/12- Nerd Jerk

1 Jul

chain chompI like to be surrounded by cute things.  If I ever find myself feeling down about something, I just grab something cute and my day is instantly better.  Now if those cute things involve a big mouth and a chain, I’m even happier.

Steph Cortes of Nerd Jerk knows all about cute.  Her shop is chock full of amazing amigurumi Nintendo characters… her amigurumi BobOmbs have keys that actually turn!

Steph also creates adorable jewelry, buttons, notebooks and more.  Go visit her exciting shop today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 4/25/12- Could Bee Yours

25 Apr

chain chompEverybody loves Super Mario Bros.  And out of all of the many characters that appear in the games, one of the coolest is the beloved chain chomp.  I don’t know why I love that little guy so much, he actually gives me anxiety at times, but he is so cute!

Gisel Trujillo from Could Bee Yours loves that little chain chomp too, and has created these gorgeous chain chomp earrings.  Looks like your ear didn’t jump out of the way quick enough, but would you want it to?

If you don’t love chain chomp as much as Gisel or I do, you still need to check out her shop.  Gisel has crafted jewelry from Zelda, Star Wars and even Adventure Time!


Treasury Tuesday!

8 Mar

Hello to my geektastic friends! Debra here! Welcome to the new corner of Mom’s Basement that we like to call Treasury Tuesday! Here, we will sit Melvin in front of Etsy and have him pick out his favorite 16 items every week and post them for you all to see! Sometimes, we may be hosting BNRs (Buy-N-Replace, where you buy an item off the treasury only to have that item replaced with an item from your own store!), so stay tuned for all the antics!

This week, Melvin was playing some hardcore N64 (he hasn’t upgraded because his sister needed braces) and unfortunately kept being killed by the Chomp Chomp. Melvin was very upset and I was worried he was going to hurt his CRT TV, which are hard to come by these days since they’re, well, old, so I suggested that we purchase a Chomp Chomp from Etsy so that he could take his frustration out on that! And take a look at all the fun things we came up with!

Mario Chain Chomp Door Knob Hanger by KimberTastic

Super Mario Chain Chomp Charm by Omonomopoeia

Mario Chain Chomp Ring by LiyoLabs

Chain Chomp Mario Pendant by JanelleyBeads

Chain Chomp Earrings by HunnyAndOats

Chain Chomp Scarf by GrandmasNook

Chain Chomp Bath Mitt by eolseiwear

Chomp Chomp MacBook Decal by SmashedDecals

Chomp Chomp Plush by CreativitysMirror

Chain Chomp Hat by PaladinAnderson

Chain Chomp Zipper Pull by geekoutlet

Mario Chain Chomp Amigurumi by TheNerdsNest

Chomp Keyring by TheComfyGeek

OOAK Mini Chain Chomp Figurine by Emilyaml

Original Fanart Chain Chomp by goblinhut

Fleece Chain Chomp Scarf by Omonomopoeia


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