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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/8/13- Tiny Confessions

8 Jun

darth thoughtsHave you ever wondered what someone is really thinking?  I think secret confessions could be the subject of some highly entertaining art.

Christopher Rozzi of Tiny Confessions is an artist who enjoys revealing little thoughts, much to our enjoyment.

Your pet might be thinking some things that would surprise you… there are a ton of hilarious pet confessions in Christopher’s shop, so go visit today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/7/13- Enchanted Leaves

7 Jun

bag endJewelry that portrays the simple things in life- that sounds like jewelry a hobbit would love.

Nedda and Aaron Szylewicz of Enchanted Leaves handcraft simple and delicate pieces of jewelry inspired by nature, with a geek twist.  This Hobbit door locket is the perfect way to show off your geek side with elegance.

Jewelry inspired by Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, it’s there, so go check it out today!


Minecraft Bento Box!

7 Jun

minecraft box

Melvin and I haven’t made a bento box in awhile, and so we felt like making one to brighten up your lunch!  And by brighten up, I mean hisssssss it up… with Minecraft Creepers!  These guys can be frustrating when they destroy all of your hard work, so why not get back at them by eating them for lunch?  No cats or ocelots needed for this one.  Just some rice, food coloring and your building skills. Continue reading

Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/6/13- Pigg’s Art Forge

6 Jun

venom paperI am always on the search for awesome art for my home, and today I found some intricate paper art.

Will Pigg of Pigg’s Art Forge handcrafts paper art that shows off your geeky side in an epic yet simple way.

Nightmare Before Christmas, The Iron Giant, Star Wars and more can be found there, so go take a look today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/5/13- Empira

5 Jun

ghost busterIt’s time to geekify your ride.  How would you do this, you ask?  By attaching a geeky automobile badge, that’s how!

Jason Davies of Empira hand crafts custom car emblems to turn your vehicle into the Ecto1!  Ok, maybe not actually transform your car, but the emblem is pretty awesome.

Fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and more will find the vehicle they want to emulate, so go visit today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/4/13- Geeky U

4 Jun

tardis leggingsI will admit it, I love leggings.  I never thought I would, but I wear them all the time.  But what I really need are some geeky leggings.

Khalil Marenco of Geeky U creates clothing with a geek edge.  Not only can I get leggings there, but I can get TARDIS leggings.

Shirts, bags, ewok hoods, you can find it all at Geeky U.  So go visit today!



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