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Tuesday’s Treasury: Bizarre and Awesome

4 Jun

I was looking through my favorites list on Etsy recently and thought, “Wow, I’ve favorited a lot of weird things.” I’ve always been a lover of strange things, and I think it’s great that places like Etsy exist so sellers can share their strange creations with like-minded people.

I’ve created a treasury of some awesome oddities from my favorites list, perfect for the discerning weirdo…



Favourite & Follow this shop…


Mechanical Spider Sculpture …


Gothic Snake Cleaver Hand Fo…


A Walk in the Park


PowderBeast – Post Apocalyp…


Rough Sailing, OOAK steampun…


Pair of Tentacle candlestick…


Butter Dish : Black and Char…


Half a Flagon – ACEO LE


Dirt Ball – Our Big Balls – …


Waffle and Syrup Sheets w/ o…


Medium, Day Of The Tentacle …


Earrings-Thumbtack pin stud …


Pee wee herman as a caterpil…


Eyeballs in a bottle necklac…


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/3/13- Sleepy Robot 13

3 Jun

ramen botRobots!  One of the reasons why I love robots so much is because of their lack of human characteristics… but I love it when they act like people too.

Lisastarchild of Sleepy Robot 13 hand crafts robots doing random things, and looking very cute while doing it.  Who’s that in my ramen?

Robots with their pets, robots eating tacos, robots being surprised with a cupcake… they’re all there!  So go visit today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/2/13- Hayley Cassatt

2 Jun

mikey narwhalNarwhals are awesome.  Narwhals that look like our favorite geeky characters are even awesomer.  Is that a word?

Hayley Cassatt is an amazing illustrator who has a distinct artistic style.  Her Michaelangelo narwhal is hilarious and fantastic.

Hunter S. Thompson narwhal, David Bowie narwhal, Hydra Pug… you have to go see them, so visit today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/1/13- Your Organ Grinder

1 Jun

felt spleenI am fascinated with organs.  No, not the kind you play music on.  The kind that keeps you alive.  Why keep organs hidden on the inside when they just look so cool?

Your Organ Grinder is a shop full of felt organs (and parasites too!) that you can display proudly, whether it be in a jar on the shelf, or as a brooch on your shirt.

Kidneys, brains, brains with hydatid cysts, you can find it all at Your Organ Grinder, so go visit today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 5/31/13- Customize Me

31 May

harry potterTo all of you geeks out there who love to read, do you happen to need an e-reader cover?  Because I found some awesome ones.

Customize Me is a shop full of e-reader covers that are styled to look like books from our favorite geeky things- like this Defense Against the Dark Arts textbook from Harry Potter.

And if you don’t like to read very much, but you like to talk on your phone, there are phone covers too!  So go visit today!


There’s Always COOKIES in the Banana Stand!

31 May

melvin bananaHey Basement Dwellers!  So how do you feel about Arrested Development being back on?  Melvin and I have heard differing opinions from many Arrested Development fans, but I have to say, I’ve been loving it so far.  I’m only on the fourth episode because I’m trying to take it slow, even though Melvin has already watched the entire season.  But anyway, Melvin and I were reminded by our dear friend Laina about the different foods that come up in Arrested Development, so we decided that we needed to make a banana recipe.  What can you make that’s simple and delicious with bananas?  Well, banana cookies, that’s what!  Not only are these cookies easy to make and super tasty, they’re also somewhat healthy!  So read on for the recipe! Continue reading


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