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We’ve Made It To Big Girl Territory

21 Apr
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Alexia’s new bed and nightstand!

Alexia has officially upgraded from a toddler bed to an actual twin sized bed!

Shaun’s mother ordered her an adorable Hello Kitty bedroom furniture set as an early birthday present, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her fall in love with things as quickly as she did this! I distracted her from looking while the assembly men carried the boxes back to her room, and didn’t let her go back to check it out until after they had left. It wasn’t too difficult, as there happened to be some company over to help with the process.

The second she laid eyes on the furniture she was in paradise.

She ran to the bed first and foremost, shouting “WOOK! WOOK! KITTY KITTY MEOOOW!” with delight as she flung herself up onto the mattress. After a few moments of jumping and pointing at the headboard, she noticed the nightstand. Her hands darted along the knobs, repeating her previous chants as she pointed at the small kitty heads.

Her eyes were shining like stars at this point.

She ran in circles, clapped, and continued to direct all of our attention to the bed frame and nightstand for a good few minutes longer before it even occurred to her that there was a dresser and mirror to investigate. Continue reading

Geek Mom Review: The Super Hero Squad Show

14 Apr
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Some of the adorable members of the SHSS cast.

I’ve decided on switching it up a bit this week, and am going to be reviewing one of my daughter’s favorite cartoons–the Super Hero Squad Show.
I’ll admit, even though the artistry was super cute I had my fair share of doubts. I was worried that it would all just be childish filler, with a few references and only a handful of characters. It is, after all, a children’s show based from the toy line. How great could it possibly be?
I was very, pleasantly wrong!

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Uncommon Objects

10 Apr

There are plenty of traditional forms of art out there that can be used to make awesome and geeky creations. But the artists featured this week have thought outside the box and transformed common, everyday objects and tools into items to help you geek out your living space in an unexpected way.

I never thought of looking for Cthulhu on a spoon, but here he is!

Cthulhu Spoon Set by GreenwoodCreations13

Cthulhu Spoon Set by GreenwoodCreations13

I’m a huge Fallout fan, and although I wouldn’t want my house to look like a Vault (talk about claustrophobic!), this light switch cover is too awesome for words.

Vault Tech Light Switch Plate Cover by CratersideSupplyinc

Vault Tech Light Switch Plate Cover by CratersideSupplyinc

There are some unique lamps out there, but this industrial/found object lamp is certainly at the top. It’s made from iron pipes and a vintage skull vodka bottle. And the rotating faucet is the on/off switch!

Crystal Head Vodka Lamp by newwineoldbottles

Crystal Head Vodka Lamp by newwineoldbottles

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It’s Easter, Geeksters!

31 Mar
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This was before I piled in her goodies!

And I sure hope you’re having a fantastic one, guys and gals!

You know, I’ve seen a lot of different ways to pull an Easter basket together over the years, as well as a plethora of things people do to celebrate. It seems that no two are the same for the most part. Some people buy pre-packaged Easter baskets, others love to pick little things piece by piece for a personalized touch. Some people go to community festivals to celebrate, while others prefer an Easter egg hunt in the back yard. I know a few who do nothing but exchange some candy and call it a day!

So I figured I’d show you lovely readers out there some of my favorite little gifts for Alexia this year, and explain a bit of what we do to celebrate this lovely little holiday!

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For the Kids

13 Mar

My son loves video games and geeky things and for Christmas he asked Santa for a gyroid from Animal Crossing. That’s not something you can pick up at WalMart. I ended up crocheting him one and he loves it. But not everyone can create obscure (and awesome) geeky toys for their kids. That’s why I love places like Etsy and Deviantart. They connect you directly with artists that are offering unique things you’re looking for or can custom make it for you.

If your kid is a geek-in-training, this gallery is sure to provide you with awesome creations they approve of. Many of these you’ll be tempted to buy for yourselves!

Jedi Baby Rattle Lightsaber by HandmadeMonster

Jedi Baby Rattle Lightsaber by HandmadeMonster

Baby Geek Toy Teether by 3PrincessesStore

Baby Geek Toy Teether by 3PrincessesStore

Level 1 Human Hat  by geeklingdesigns

Level 1 Human Hat by geeklingdesigns

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Obscure but Awesome

6 Mar

Have you ever played an amazing video game, but no one else seems to have heard of it? There are some great popular games out there, but there are other equally deserving titles that don’t get as much exposure. These gems deserve some attention and some more fan art made for them! I discovered there are  artists out there making art based on these games, but I would love to see more. I’ve asked Mom’s Basement members and other avid gamers about their favorite obscure games and created a gallery below of their picks.

Torin’s Passage

Torin’s Passage is a fantasy/adventure computer game from 1995. Despite being made by Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry, this game is a family-friendly game I have fond memories of playing when I was a kid. You embark on a quest to find your captured parents, travelling through unique, nested planets and solving puzzles along the way.

After playing this game as a kid, I always loved the name Torin, and decided if I ever had a son, that’s what I would name him. And I did!

More Torin's Passage by sweet-pea-soup

More Torin’s Passage by sweet-pea-soup

The Lands Below by zazumii-chan

The Lands Below by zazumii-chan


Nier is a SquareEnix game from 2010 that definitely doesn’t have the exposure it deserves. This beautiful, melancholy game features a gorgeous soundtrack, a storyline with twists and turns, and interesting replay value. I can’t tell you more or it would spoil it. Just go play it!

Nier Replicant by semsei

Nier Replicant by semsei

Nier - Kaine by Dice9999

Nier – Kaine by Dice9999

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