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Diablo Dinner- Fit for a King… of Hell!

27 Apr

melvin diabloThe Diablo III Beta has come and gone… we are now patiently waiting for the full release of Diablo III… and all I can say is that I’m hungry.  So to fight that hunger, this week we are going to cook up a spicy meal that will make even Lucifer sweat a little.  And to wash it all down, we are going to create some Diablo Health Potions to keep us grinding.  So sit back, learn a thing or two about making quick and easy spicy shrimp and devilish health potions, and find out that you don’t have to rely on just ramen noodles to have a fast meal between quests. Continue reading

The Gates of Hell Have Opened!

23 Apr

….And they are actually about to close just as quickly as they opened.  I wrote this a meager 5 hours after Blizzard opened it’s servers to the mass public, consider this a ‘ first impressions and beta review’

I have two men in my living room playing the Diablo beta. Both of them true players and fans of the game they are loading. I’m currently writing this on my phone because I loaned the use of my lap to my better half’s brother, that’s right, good deed of the year.

Diablo 3 has been on their mind for 12 years, they played Diablo two during Christmas non-stop because gifts of #3 pre-orders was too much to handle.

Loading two computers with a buggy beta version of one of the most anticipated games of the century took a while for sure.  Once done, they hoped on, worked out a few bugs, and started the descent into  Hell.

During the first mission its apparent that the graphics could be more awesome. The buildings and scenery may not be as crazy as Skyrim,  but the point here is looting corpses and killing baddie hoards, not smelling the roses or breathtaking mountains.  If you played the previous games you’ll be satisfied with the look and feel of this one. You may also notice that the environment is a bit more interactive and is, of course, more of a 3-D purgatory than it’s older versions.

When it comes to game play, our faster computer did fine, and it even played tolerably on my slower laptop.  Only a few blips of lag here and there, but its to be expected in a beta, or while sharing an internet connection.

There are baddies you will remember and some new creeps crawling around trying to deal damage. The old familiar npc, Deckard Kane, is seen during beta as well.

Looting and combat work in pretty much the same way. Random clicking! But seriously, there are more realistic hot keys for combat and healing: making game play easier and more fluent(instead of constantly refilling inventory slots with much-needed potions.)

Overall the reports from the boys was a good one. I even Had a great time watching!  For waiting as long as they did for this game, I can’t believe anything would meet their standards, this did. It was kick ass enough for them to play it two times over to go for all the loot, skills, and levels that they could inside the demo.

We would hope you got to play the beta and if you liked it, we recommend getting Diablo III. It’s a steep $60 for the standard version and $100 for the collectors edition. We consider it totally worth it and you have till 10 am today to play it!

Happy gaming!  And Get in quickly to Try it out,Info here!

Did you play the beta? Tell us what you thought in the comments!

Don’t descend into Hell without some Diablo inspired HANDMADE merch!

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Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

20 Apr

Diablo III Fanart by MarcSimonetti

It’s been 12 years since the release of the last Diablo, and number three is set to be released May 15th. But if you can’t wait any longer, don’t despair. You can fight against the demonic hordes this weekend with the Diablo III open beta! It will allow you to join friends in battle as you test the stresses of the game and servers. You can choose from five classes, and level up to 13.
The beta opens at 12:01 Pacific time today and will run until Monday the 23rd at 10:00am. You’ll need to create a Battle.net account, a BattleTag (a nickname used to represent you in the game, and on the website and forums), and then download and install the game. All the info you need can be found here on the official website.

Now get ready to grind! Hope you didn’t have plans this weekend…


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