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The End is Nigh

19 Dec
Environment: POST-APOCALYPSE by inetgrafx

Environment: POST-APOCALYPSE by inetgrafx

Tomorrow is officially No Year’s Eve, as many people believe 12/21/12 will be the end of the world, based on information from the Mayan calendar and paranoid scientists. Whether you believe the end is coming or not, it’s an excuse to party! I love all things post-apocalyptic, so tomorrow Melvin and I will be settling in for a long winter’s (dirt) nap with Fallout 3 and our coveted Twinkies.

If you won’t be busy stock-piling food or building a bunker, check out the awesome art below for ideas to make a kick-ass apocalypse party! It might be the last party you ever throw, so it ought to be good.

First, you’re going to need a location. Nuclear bunkers and abandoned buildings are great places to set the mood.

Door 42 by 5isalive

Door 42 by 5isalive

In a bed of grass by Mafia--Hitman

In a bed of grass by Mafia–Hitman

Nuclear Sunset by PerfectStrangerAsMe

Nuclear Sunset by PerfectStrangerAsMe

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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 11/29/12- Desolation Allie

29 Nov

You know what gets my heart pumping?  Helping out a great cause.  And at the Mom’s Basement Charity shop, you can find some cool hand crafted stuff by other geeks who feel the same way.

The items in the charity shop have been donated by our best geeky artists, and 100% of the proceeds go to Child’s Play Charity, a charity that raises money to provide children’s hospitals with video games, toys, movies and other entertainment for the patients.

Alyson of Desolation Allie has donated this amazing mug and some great zombie glassware, you should go check it out!


Minecraft Top 10

29 Apr

X-box 360 users will get to experience the fun, and super creative world of Minecraft on May 5th! Now you can join in on the fun, with an option of using the Kinect, and don’t forget to purchase these great items in the meantime.

My husband has recently started to get into Minecraft with some friends, and I was watching a single player mode the other night. It’s so awesome, and I love how endless the opportunities are to be creative. He has 2 single player games going, on 2 different PCs, and the differences in the games is astounding.

10 – Punching Trees Button
I find it humorous that after you punch the trees to get the wood to use to build your buildings, the leaves stay in the air, floating. It cracks me up every time. I’m tempted to start a game, and go around gathering all of the wood, so that all I have left are floating leaf masses.

9 – Grass Mouse Pad
A very important and vital part of the game, dirt/grass can help you build your shelter and allow you to keep your character safe from the mobs that come out at night. It’s only fitting that this important piece of the game be available for your computer desk, as a safe place to set your mouse.

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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 4/17/12- DesolationAllie

17 Apr

doctor who glassesI can be pretty picky when it comes to drinking glasses.  I don’t want to see spots on them, I don’t want to see old half-washed lipstick stains, and they better be etched with Doctor Who related graphics.

It’s a good thing Alyson over at DesolationAllie makes these glasses, or I would probably be dead from dehydration.  If you are faced with this same problem on a daily basis but would prefer something less Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey, don’t worry.  DesolationAllie also makes Star Trek and Alice in Wonderland themed glasses, amongst a few others!

I know you’re looking to add some much needed geekery to your glassware collection, so go check DesolationAllie out!  If you don’t see something you like that has already been made, Alyson can custom etch a glass for you of anything your heart desires.  So what are you waiting for?



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