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Winners of the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest!

4 Nov

pumpkin winnersAs you know, we just had an epic Halloween contest where you crazy basement dwellers were asked to decorate a pumpkin in the most villainous way possible!  As promised, we are giving away RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING prize packs to the top 3 pumpkins!  A fourth pumpkin will also be named as Staff Pick pumpkin, and that lucky person will be receiving a SPECTACULAR gift set as well!

Well, we had 15 amazing pumpkins submitted into us… and I bet you all are dying to see who won!

Go visit our Contest Page to find out who the lucky winners are, and don’t forget to take a look at all of the goodies that were won!  It could make for some great motivation to enter future contests!

April 1st – April 15th Easter Egg Contest!!

1 Apr

geeky easterIt’s that time of year again!  Time to paint up some eggs and possibly win an EPIC EASTER BASKET chock full to the brim with geeky goodies!  Are you intrigued?  You should be!

Here’s the deal:  Grab some eggs and decorate them in the coolest, geekiest way you possibly can!  Use whatever you have in your house: paint, markers, glitter, just get crazy with it and HAVE FUN!  After you’ve finished adorning your eggs in their newfound geekery, submit your picture by hitting the big CONTACT US button right next to Melvin’s sweet eggy face.

easter basketYou can enter as many eggs as you like, but don’t be slacking!  You only have until midnight on April 14th to submit your eggs!  Starting April 15th, voting for your favorite egg will begin!  There will be 3 days of open voting via the CONTEST PAGE for the best egg, after which the winner will be named.  Your eggs will be revealed to the public as soon as you submit them, so the sooner you make your eggs, the more time people will have to contemplate on how awesome your eggs are!

And remember, even if you don’t want to make an egg, you can still vote on your favorite!  But do you really want to miss a chance to win this Easter Basket that the Geeky Easter Bunny left at our doorstep?

Guild Wars Upcycled Shirt — Giveaway WINNER!!

11 Sep

Congratulations to “8bitclassics” for winning last weeks giveaway for an upcycled Guild Wars shirt donated by ShinShayOriginals !!

“8bitclassics”, Please send you shipping information to MelvinsBasement@gmail.com to CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!

To those who did not win, why not Enter the New Giveaway?

8/10 – 8/24 Giveaway! “Suck it”

10 Aug

Sometimes you just want to say “Suck it!” So, why not enter our giveaway featuring a Cross Stitched Frame with just those words?

This weeks donations comes to us from Cappywanna on Etsy, A great member of the team and quite the artistic nerd as well!

cross stitching


This is a mini cross stitch that measures around 3.5×3.5 inches in its cute little desktop frame with the words “SUCK IT” Stitched in.

You Can enter to win this quirky smart mouthed piece of art at our GIVEAWAY PAGE! Simply click that link there, check out the Gallery’O’Geek and Comment with your favorite to be entered! We keep it easy for our geeks.

6/21 – 7/5 Monkey Coloring Book GiveAway

21 Jun

SteamPunk Monkey Coloring Book Giveaway:

Oh yes, it’s that time again.. Time for us to give away some more FREE LOOTZ!!!!
This week’s the donation come from ChetArt on Etsy. He’s given Us this 24 page professional looking coloring book to giveaway in the basement!
We would also like to alert you that Chet himself will be attending the San Diego’s International Comic Con- Small Press N-13 next month. We Hope some of you in the area or anyone already planning on going will drop by and say hello to Chet!
From the listing:
Each portrait is printed with a blank back, so they can all be removed and displayed proudly on a fridge, tree house wall or perhaps in some kind of fancy frame. Have some fun on a rainy day, monkeying around with crayons, markers or colored pencils.
Head on over to the GIVEAWAY PAGE and comment to enter the drawing for this awesome geeky coloring book!! Remember, we don’t send you to 5 pages to enter, and you will not have to leave the page! No link mazes!
So head over now and start this thing off!

Geek Tattoos FTW!

10 Jun

Hey guys!!

It’s my job to keep you all in the know and know you shall. The Moms Basement team on Etsy has grown to an impressive (almost) 400 members! This is SO EXCITING! ( Not bad for only being created 4 months ago!) For those of you who do not know what an Etsy team is.. let me explain. Etsy is the handmade marketplace that allows you to own your own store, market your items, favorite other shops and connect with other handmade crafters, and buyers. You do not need to be a crafter to join Etsy. If you enjoy buying handmade ( take the handmade pledge ) then you definatley belong. Etsy allows us to create teams so those with similar interests can band together and gain support, bounce ideas off eachother and just be silly. Our Etsy team has been overwhelmingly helpful and amazing since its start. Thank you guys!!!

We have some exciting things going on int his basement, and I want to make sure you guys take advantage of the opprotunities we throw your way. Moms Basement will be the HUB for a new Goody Bag Event. Multiple websites, Geekery crafters and Etsy teams are banding together to donate items that will be placed in awesome grab bags and sent to the lucky winner of that months grab bag event. This is going to showcase the crafters that donated, and give everyone a chance to win a package of awesome prizes. If you would like to participate in our grab bag event, please contact us!  Sounds like a sweet deal right? Stay tuned.. and while you wait for that, dont forget to check out the Caption contest. You still have a few days to enter that one. Also, we have a new giveaway up hosted by Stikrz! Who couldn’t use a set of mustache decals? Get in there and enter!

Enter to WIN these!

Now, Melvin has been feeling a little left out lately, so you will be seeing him in the near future of our contests. No one needs a sad mascot! ( you will be left with Sad Panda.. Oh, that guy is creepy! ) But, in case you have been wondering where our fearful Melvin has been hiding, he has been super busy traveling around the world! Ive spotted him with Debra, watching Spiderman the musical.. then the next week he was at Kimmies Garage sale! He has been a super busy dude!

We are still looking for a TECH or COMICS writer.. and perhaps someone that could actually DRAW a comic for us. If you or someone you know are interested.. Please contact us for more details!

Time to make you giggle.. In my search of some inspiration for a tattoo that I know i’m too scared to get, I found a collection of geeky tattoos that I know you guys will enjoy.. so.. ENJOY!

For the Science Geeks out there..


Show your roots..

For the Arcade Geek..

AH Finger lightsabers!!

The one upper..

Click here to see MOAR G33k Tattoos..


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