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Reader Submission! 12/1/12- 1 UP Gallery

1 Dec

nes walletMelvin loves hearing from you geeks out there, and we are proud to present a reader submission of geeky goodness.

Missi Sidwell of 1 UP Gallery creates retro gamer accessories that are sure to bring memories of old gaming days back.  This NES controller has been fashioned into a wallet, so every time you reach for your money, you can be reminded of the good ol’ days.

Be sure to visit 1 UP Gallery to see what other goodies you might find!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 7/23/12- Laboratory 424

23 Jul

controller wall clipsMelvin thinks I go overboard with keeping things organized in my house, but what can I say?  I’m a neat freak.  But really, do you enjoy having your game controllers twisted and lying all over the floor?

Shari from Laboratory 424 doesn’t think you should live like that, and has created some handy wall clips so that you can display your gaming passion artfully while also keeping your house tidy.

If keeping clean is not really your thing, but displaying epic panel posters is, you should also check out Laboratory 424 to find out how you can make your own panel posters for your home!



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