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Assassin’s Creed- Altair’s Chicken Shawarma

8 Mar

chicken shawarmaMelvin and I love the Assassin’s Creed series, so we thought making a dish inspired by each game would be pretty fun!  Since delving into history is a major part of the games, let’s richen the experience by eating great food from each ancestor’s culture.  Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad was from Syria, and so is shawarma.  Everyone, including the Avengers, knows how freaking delicious shawarma is.  The only problem is, most people don’t have a spit to roast meat all day.  So Melvin and I found a recipe where you can recreate the shawarma flavor in your own kitchen, without having to install a spit.  Even though that would be pretty awesome. Continue reading

Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 2/12/13- Mugsleys

12 Feb

abe cupToday is the birthday of one of the great geeks of history… Abraham Lincoln!

Mugsleys knows how to give honor to Good Ol’ Abe, by making an awesome coffee cup.  Who wouldn’t want one of these?

There are other hilarious mugs in the shop as well, so be sure to visit today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 1/16/13- Kina Gorska

16 Jan

bear pot holderWhen I’m in the kitchen, I enjoy using geeky things to have more fun.  Take pot holders for instance.  They can be pretty boring, right?

Kina Gorska makes very un-boring pot holders.  She makes pot holders that can turn you into quite the fierce cook!

Kina also has gorgeous porcelain creations, such as a mug with fingers coming out of the side that embrace you while you take a sip of coffee… go check it out!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 1/11/13- Trixie and Milo

11 Jan

vintage flaskYou know the best way to deal with the cold?  Taking a little nip from the flask you keep hidden on your person.  Wait, you don’t have a flask?

Trixie and Milo are a husband and wife team who make original and epic vintage style designs and then plaster them on flasks.  How can you not have one of these?

There’s a gentleman octopus, a bad cupcake, a tattooed mermaid… come on, go take a look today!


Portal Turrets in a Blanket

30 Nov

melvin turretWith the rush of the holiday season and all of that cooking over Thanksgiving, Melvin and I needed a little break.  What could we make that was simple yet awesomely geeky?

Melvin and I talked about how much we used to love pigs in a blanket, you know, hot dogs wrapped up in crescent rolls.  So we got the idea to class it up a little by turning them into Portal turrets!  This recipe is so quick and simple, you can make it anytime for a quick snack, or a fun lunch!

For our delicious Portal turrets in a blanket, here’s what you will need: Continue reading

Kiki’s Delivery Service… Part II… Fish and Pumpkin Pie!

23 Nov

fish pieWelcome back to the Kiki’s Delivery Service recipe recreations!  Today Melvin and I are making the infamous Fish and Pumpkin Pie!  I know that mixture sounds extremely strange, but believe me, it’s actually pretty delicious.  Melvin was a little nervous at first about the fish, but he ended up eating the whole thing and didn’t even save me any!  So if you’re a die hard Hayao Miyazaki fan, and you love trying new foods, then you really need to try this recipe out! Continue reading


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