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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 12/11/12- The House of Mouse

11 Dec

sherlock miceHave you been looking for ornaments to decorate your home for the holidays?  Why don’t you do something a little different this year?

Anna and Naomi of The House of Mouse can help you!  Their cute little handmade mice are fashioned after your favorite geeky characters, and you can specify if you want them as little figurines or with a little loop so that you can hang them somewhere.

The Hannibal Lecter hedgehog is calling my name… go take a look today!


Treasury Tuesday: Nightmare Before Christmas

4 Dec
My little tabletop Nightmare Before Christmas tree

My little tabletop Nightmare Before Christmas tree

Welcome to another Treasury Tuesday. This week is all about one my my favoritest movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Why did I want to feature The Nightmare Before Christmas? Because it’s awesome, and I’m decorating my house in all kinds of Nightmare goodies, including my appropriately themed Christmas tree in my bedroom (pictured), so I just have Jack and Sally on the brain I guess!

To be honest, I wasn’t all that into the movie when I was a kid. We had it on VHS and I enjoyed it, but I didn’t really appreciate it until I became an adult. I just love the art style, and the simple story much like a 1950’s Holiday special with a Gothic twist. And as a parent it’s always nice to have a Christmas movie to enjoy with your child without wanting to puke your brains out (I’m looking at you, Santa Paws).

So enjoy the selection, cross some names off your shopping list, and send some love to these wonderful sellers.

See you next week!

Deadly Nightshade s…


Jack and Sally – Mi…


Nightmare Before Ch…


JACK- Nightmare Bef…


Gothic Fantasy Nigh…


Nightmare Oogie Dic…


Nightmare Before Ch…


Jack and Sally Fing…


Nightmare Before Ch…


Fingerless Gloves: …


Girls Jack Skelling…


Nightmare before ch…


Nightmare Before Ch…


Tim Burton’s Ni…


Jack Skellington Ea…


Hanging Zero The Gh…


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 12/2/12- 8 Bit Classics

2 Dec

chain chompNow that December is here, are you setting up your tree and decorating your house?  Why not show off your geeky side?

Melissa and Ben of 8 Bit Classics have created some adorable video game themed ornaments to geek up your holiday decorating.

And if it’s gifts you’re looking for, their shop is chock full of perler bead magnets, keychains and more, so go check them out today!



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