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Minecraft Bento Box!

7 Jun

minecraft box

Melvin and I haven’t made a bento box in awhile, and so we felt like making one to brighten up your lunch!  And by brighten up, I mean hisssssss it up… with Minecraft Creepers!  These guys can be frustrating when they destroy all of your hard work, so why not get back at them by eating them for lunch?  No cats or ocelots needed for this one.  Just some rice, food coloring and your building skills. Continue reading

Onion Knight Onion Soup

12 Apr

onion knightAlright you Game of Thrones fans out there!  Melvin and I have been loving the show and the books, so we thought a few recipes inspired by the characters would be a great idea!  To start things off, this week we have a delicious french onion soup recipe inspired by none other than the Onion Knight himself, Davos Seaworth.  I just love Davos and his pouch of finger bones.  Don’t worry, those don’t go into this soup.  So if you’re looking for a delicious onion soup recipe that’s perfect for warming your chilly nights at sea, read on! Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed Mohawk Milk Cake

29 Mar

main milk cakeAs I’m sure all of you Basement Dwellers are aware of, Melvin and I have been making foods inspired by the Assassin’s Creed series.  Today we have made something sweetly delicious inspired by Assassin’s Creed III and Ratonhnhakè:ton, also known as Connor.  Connor is half-English, half-Mohawk (and all awesome), so Melvin thought it would be cool to make a Mohawk inspired dish.  Today we would like to present to you, Mohawk Milk Cake!  Mohawk Milk Cake is somewhere between a pound cake and corn bread, and it is freaking delicious.  So read on for this easy great recipe that any assassin will love! Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed- Altair’s Chicken Shawarma

8 Mar

chicken shawarmaMelvin and I love the Assassin’s Creed series, so we thought making a dish inspired by each game would be pretty fun!  Since delving into history is a major part of the games, let’s richen the experience by eating great food from each ancestor’s culture.  Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad was from Syria, and so is shawarma.  Everyone, including the Avengers, knows how freaking delicious shawarma is.  The only problem is, most people don’t have a spit to roast meat all day.  So Melvin and I found a recipe where you can recreate the shawarma flavor in your own kitchen, without having to install a spit.  Even though that would be pretty awesome. Continue reading

Kiki’s Delivery Service… Part II… Fish and Pumpkin Pie!

23 Nov

fish pieWelcome back to the Kiki’s Delivery Service recipe recreations!  Today Melvin and I are making the infamous Fish and Pumpkin Pie!  I know that mixture sounds extremely strange, but believe me, it’s actually pretty delicious.  Melvin was a little nervous at first about the fish, but he ended up eating the whole thing and didn’t even save me any!  So if you’re a die hard Hayao Miyazaki fan, and you love trying new foods, then you really need to try this recipe out! Continue reading

Kiki’s Delivery Service…. Part I… Pancakes!

16 Nov

melvin pancakeJiji, if nobody comes in, I’m gonna have to eat pancakes forever and be fat, fat, fat!  And what am I supposed to do about that?

Well Kiki, Melvin and I can answer that for you.  Eat more pancakes!  Melvin and I thought it would be fun to do some recipes inspired by one of our favorite directors, Hayao Miyazaki.  In Kiki’s Delivery Service, Kiki ends up eating pancakes because she’s a little low on cash.  I think us fellow basement dwellers can relate to that.  So if you’re finding that your wallet is looking a little slim, and you’re starving, take a cue from Kiki and whip up some pancakes!  Kiki makes hers from a box, but we’re going to make ours from scratch.  Want to learn how easy it is to make pancakes from scratch?  Read on! Continue reading


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