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Wreck-It Ralph Wrecktastic Drink!

3 May

brick drinkIf any of you Basement Dwellers have had the week I have had… then you’re probably ready for a drink, am I right?  I know Melvin and I are!  Never content to just pour a regular mixed drink, Melvin and I needed to find a fun geeky themed drink to make, and boy, did we find one.  Inspired by the extremely fun movie, Wreck-It Ralph: the Wreck-It Ralph cocktail!  But this drink isn’t just a cocktail.  It also involves busting up a brick wall of Jello.  So if you’re feeling a little unsure about being the bad guy, and you’re thinking about drowning your sorrows in a deliciously interactive drink, then read on! Continue reading

Daenerys Stormborn’s Smoked Meat

26 Apr

smoked meatMelvin has a serious crush on Daenerys of House Targaryen… and I have to admit that I do too.  How can you not love the mother of dragons?  As Melvin and I watched that obnoxious slave master being burned to death by Drogon, I couldn’t help but get hungry for some smoked meat.  The problem is, I don’t have a smoker.  So how can I have the satisfaction of making my own smoked meat without a dragon?  Well, I found a way to turn a crockpot into a small smoker, perfect for making a smoked meat feast fit for a khaleesi!  Or a khal too, I guess. Continue reading

Bioshock Infinite: Hot Dogs!

5 Apr

infinte hot dogsMelvin and I are big fans of the Bioshock series, so of course we were pretty excited when Bioshock Infinite came out.  You know what else we’re big fans of?  Hot dogs.  It just so happens that hot dogs are one of the foods you can snag in New Eden Square, just sitting there, looking all delicious.  This got us thinking, what kind of crazy hot dogs could we make?  Melvin and I have cooked up three insanely yummy hot dog recipes, perfect to give you that energy boost you need to ride the rails of Columbia.  So strap on that grappling hook and read on! Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Metroid Style!

15 Mar

samus dayMelvin and I know that Samus Aran is technically from K-2L, but her name sounds suspiciously like an Irish one.  Since we are so close to St. Patrick’s Day, let’s just pretend that Samus is definitely Irish, because we found an awesome drink inspired by Metroid that is perfect for any geeky St. Patrick’s Day party.  After a few of these, you may end up drained of your life energy, so please drink responsibly!  The Galactic Federation needs you. Continue reading

A Tropical Tomb Raider Dinner

1 Mar

tomb saladTomb Raider is scheduled for release next week, and let me tell you, Melvin is excited.  In honor of the return of our favorite and possibly sexiest archaeologist in the world, let’s make some food!  In the demo, Lara goes hunting for deer in order to eat and survive.  Unfortunately, there was no dead man hanging in my backyard to supply me with a bow, so I needed to come up with an alternate recipe.  Since Lara has found herself on a tropical island, why not make a tropical inspired dish?  Something that Lara can enjoy once she’s done exploring.  So today we are making a Shrimp and Avocado Salad with Mango dressing, the kind of dinner that will get you in the mood for some tropical traversing. Continue reading

Portal Turrets in a Blanket

30 Nov

melvin turretWith the rush of the holiday season and all of that cooking over Thanksgiving, Melvin and I needed a little break.  What could we make that was simple yet awesomely geeky?

Melvin and I talked about how much we used to love pigs in a blanket, you know, hot dogs wrapped up in crescent rolls.  So we got the idea to class it up a little by turning them into Portal turrets!  This recipe is so quick and simple, you can make it anytime for a quick snack, or a fun lunch!

For our delicious Portal turrets in a blanket, here’s what you will need: Continue reading


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