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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 4/7/12- ElinArt

7 Apr

mold broochHey!  Who left this petri dish down here in the basement where it was dark, warm and moist?  Oh, wait.  That’s a brooch.  Ok, so who left this brooch unattended and allowed it to get so overgrown with fungi?

I bet it was artist and jewelry maker Elin Thomas from ElinArt.  She has a habit of conceiving the most intricate and delicate forms of mold onto necklaces and pins.  Who ever thought fungi could be so alluring?

If you want to show your love for mycology, or you think these pieces of art are just spectacular, you will probably want to get one or two of these fine specimens.  Just be careful of the spores spreading.

ElinArt’s shop- ELIN™


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