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Go Bold

30 Jan

You can tell by my hair that I don’t like to be subtle in my appearance. This sometimes applies to the jewelry I wear as well. I like all kinds of jewelry, but occasionally, I want something that makes a statement. Fortunately, if you feel the same way, there are many artists out there that create such pieces. Prepare to be noticed!

Warrior Pagan Fae Woven  Wire Copper Necklace by WireMoon

Warrior Pagan Fae Woven Wire Copper Necklace by WireMoon

Raw Pyrite Four Finger Ring

Raw Pyrite Four Finger Ring

Super Space Tetris Man Nintendo Bib Necklace by MyCheekyCreations

Super Space Tetris Man Nintendo Bib Necklace by MyCheekyCreations

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The End is Nigh

19 Dec
Environment: POST-APOCALYPSE by inetgrafx

Environment: POST-APOCALYPSE by inetgrafx

Tomorrow is officially No Year’s Eve, as many people believe 12/21/12 will be the end of the world, based on information from the Mayan calendar and paranoid scientists. Whether you believe the end is coming or not, it’s an excuse to party! I love all things post-apocalyptic, so tomorrow Melvin and I will be settling in for a long winter’s (dirt) nap with Fallout 3 and our coveted Twinkies.

If you won’t be busy stock-piling food or building a bunker, check out the awesome art below for ideas to make a kick-ass apocalypse party! It might be the last party you ever throw, so it ought to be good.

First, you’re going to need a location. Nuclear bunkers and abandoned buildings are great places to set the mood.

Door 42 by 5isalive

Door 42 by 5isalive

In a bed of grass by Mafia--Hitman

In a bed of grass by Mafia–Hitman

Nuclear Sunset by PerfectStrangerAsMe

Nuclear Sunset by PerfectStrangerAsMe

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Blood Lust

24 Oct

Vampire by Duniax

Vampires are sexy. And I’m not talking about the sparkly, teenage variety. They’re sophisticated, charismatic, and like to nibble on your neck. They invoke a combination of fear and attraction for many people. After all, who wouldn’t want to have supernatural powers, live for centuries, and dress snappy?

Vampires as we know them have been around since the early 1800s, but creatures that feed on blood or flesh have been in the world’s cultural conscience for much longer. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was highly influential on our idea of vampires today and was inspired by the cruel Transylvanian conqueror, Vlad the Impaler.

I think vampires are some of the cooler horror monsters, and I’ve found some amazing art dedicated to them, and also to eradicating them!

And who could forget Brad Pitt as the reluctant blood sucker from Interview with a Vampire?

Vampire by Avogel57, Alex Vogel

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Art for a Cause

19 Sep

Many times, art is more than just something made to look pretty. It can be an expression and reflection of the artist, created to send a message, or made to help a cause the artist is passionate about. Mom’s Basement has it’s own donation shop, and I’ve found many generous artists on Etsy and DeviantART creating items for selfless causes. Not only do they offer awesome, geeky art for purchase, but they help you feel good about yourself at the same time.

Portal Illustration Retro Print by BearandRobot for MomsBasementCharity

Last year, Mom’s Basement raised $150 for Child’s Play, a gaming industry charity devoted to providing consoles, games, books, toys and other entertainment to hospitalized children. The Mom’s Basement Charity store on Etsy is open for the holiday season once again and accepts dollar donations as well as offering awesome geek merchandise for charity.  It’s our hope to raise more money this year!  If you are interested in donating your handmade geeky items, check out this thread on the Mom’s Basement team.

Basement dweller SliceofOrange makes buttons and magnets featuring your favorite video game and anime characters. Also available are adorable cat pins in different breeds – the total price of each is donated to Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue in Toronto, ON. Visit SliceofOrange to see all the cute kitties available.

Brown Tabby Pin for Charity by SliceofOrange

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Mechanical Wonders

15 Aug

What’s cooler than steampunk? Steampunk contraptions that actually function. Because really, what’s the point of all those gears if they don’t actually do anything? (Besides looking cool, that is.) The following gallery includes amazing inventions and art pieces that would make DaVinci and Atrus proud.

The Braxtonian Lantern by JWKinseysArtifice

This wall sconce features a slowly rotating inner cylinder and displays a star field on the ceiling in a dark room. It looks amazing, and the super fun part? That round knob at the top is the on/off switch.

Personal Reactor by ReactionDesigns

This cool necklace features a tiny “reactor,” composed of sterling silver, brass, titanium, and a glowing glass tube. The front of the pendant slides closed over the tube, where the light then shines through the three portholes in the front.

Steampunk Rotating Gear Heart by CarryTheWhat

Functional steampunk doesn’t have to be expensive. This awesome puzzle heart was 3D printed in metallic plastic. It can be twisted apart and rotated back together. It also comes in a colorful cube variety.

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Reader Submission! 7/29/12- Fox and Dragon Emporium

29 Jul

Much to Melvin’s chagrin, I have never played Magic the Gathering, although I would like to try it sometime.  But for those of you who do play, I’m sure you’ve found a need to have your cards organized and kept safely in a special place.

Fox and Dragon Emporium are masters at woodwork and leather craftsmanship, and are able to create handy deck boxes to contain your precious commodity.  Not only can they customize your deck case with any quote or design that you would like, but they also have various wood stain colors for you to choose from.

Fox and Dragon also has a variety of leather steampunk watches, and a plague doctor mask that I’ve got my eye on.  Go visit them today!

Fox and Dragon Emporium


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