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Go Bold

30 Jan

You can tell by my hair that I don’t like to be subtle in my appearance. This sometimes applies to the jewelry I wear as well. I like all kinds of jewelry, but occasionally, I want something that makes a statement. Fortunately, if you feel the same way, there are many artists out there that create such pieces. Prepare to be noticed!

Warrior Pagan Fae Woven  Wire Copper Necklace by WireMoon

Warrior Pagan Fae Woven Wire Copper Necklace by WireMoon

Raw Pyrite Four Finger Ring

Raw Pyrite Four Finger Ring

Super Space Tetris Man Nintendo Bib Necklace by MyCheekyCreations

Super Space Tetris Man Nintendo Bib Necklace by MyCheekyCreations

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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 10/30/12- Fan Fair

30 Oct

lokis armyJewlery is an awesome way to accessorize your outfit.  I am always on the lookout for unique, geeky jewelry to add to my collection.

Megan of Fan Fair has a shop that is chock full of geeky jewelry.  This patterned Loki helmet necklace is one of my favorites.

So if you’re looking for some new pieces to add to your collection too, then go visit today!

Fan Fair by oxyx2001

Mischievous Fashion

10 Jul

Hey did you guys know that your very own fashion forward geek takes requests? No? Well now you do! I love feedback and I received a very impassioned request from a member of Loki’s Army to pay tribute to the God of Mischief with some worthy looks that would make anyone kneel to your amazing sense of fashion. Read on or be Loki’d!

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Avenger Fashion 101

10 Apr

Since 2008 we have given our time and money to watch the crew of The Avengers slowly come into being; now all that waiting and watching has finally paid off with the release of the film next month. I have certainly enjoyed all of the movies leading to this moment, but I feel that people don’t often give the comics that they originated from a proper nod of acknowledgement. Which is a shame, seeing as how Captain America issue #1 was released in 1941 – we are talking 71 years of comic legacy here. In order to right what I think to be a rather grave wrong, we aren’t even going to glance at the characters portrayed in the movie (though they are so lovely to look at) and focus on getting some original Avengers-inspired fashion into our lives, so read on!

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The movie review about the big blonde guy with a hammer.

11 May

This weekend, we as a movie loving world, were not just given one awesome movie about Thor, but three!  That’s right, three Thor movies.  How many did you see this weekend?  Well as your faithful reviewer, I saw them all.  Marvel Pictures gave us the best of the three with “Thor”.  SyFy channel gave us the other two, “Thor, The Hammer of the Gods” and “Almighty Thor”.  I watched over six hours of movies that deal with The God of Thunder, and after that, I can say, two-thirds of my brain have been melted by stupidity.

Here are the movie posters for each, the last was so bad, it couldn’t afford even a crappy, fake, poorly CGIed poster.  That should tell you something.  In all honesty, I actually want my four hours back from the last two movies and I never say that about movies, even “Battlefield: Earth”.

With that out in the open, let’s just concentrate on the only decent movie of the three, the official Marvel release of “Thor”.  This movie was a fairly good representation of Marvel’s Thor.  The depiction of the merging between magic and technology was a great homage to Jack Kirby’s art.  It really made me feel like there was a Magi-Tech Asgard watching all of the realms.  The skylines were awesome and the armor/clothing were just perfect.  The story was originally conceived by J. Michael Straczynski and Mark Protosevich and really gave us a good look into how a banished god stuck on Earth would act.  These were some of the funniest scenes in the movie, including the coffee scene.

Kenneth Branagh directed this movie brilliantly using all of his past Shakespearean credits to truly give us a dysfunctional family triangle between Thor, Odin, and Loki.  When Thor was among the humans, he stole every scene.  He truly brought the attitude of a god to the screen, but it was Loki that stole the movie in my opinion.  The God of Mischief was at the same time a smooth talking, highly likable character and the most despicable bastard.  He truly was the perfect counter point to the brash headstrong Thor.

If you like comic book movies, and you probably do if you are here in The Basement, I give “Thor” a whopping GW’s out of .  The other two movies don’t even rate graphic ratings.  But if you have time to kill, and have no issue with losing some brain cells, do tune into the others and bring a good strong adult beverage to wallow in, as it will be your savior.  And hey, maybe you can come with some sort of Thor drinking game.

‘THOR Gallery’O’Geek’ 

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Thor’s Hammer W…


Helm of the Mighty …


Recycled Comic ID,B…


Hammer of the Gods …


THOR Vinyl Decal St…


Thor comic box


Party Pack of 12 Th…


Vintage Thor Recycl…



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