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Go Bold

30 Jan

You can tell by my hair that I don’t like to be subtle in my appearance. This sometimes applies to the jewelry I wear as well. I like all kinds of jewelry, but occasionally, I want something that makes a statement. Fortunately, if you feel the same way, there are many artists out there that create such pieces. Prepare to be noticed!

Warrior Pagan Fae Woven  Wire Copper Necklace by WireMoon

Warrior Pagan Fae Woven Wire Copper Necklace by WireMoon

Raw Pyrite Four Finger Ring

Raw Pyrite Four Finger Ring

Super Space Tetris Man Nintendo Bib Necklace by MyCheekyCreations

Super Space Tetris Man Nintendo Bib Necklace by MyCheekyCreations

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Guild Wars Upcycled Shirt — Giveaway WINNER!!

11 Sep

Congratulations to “8bitclassics” for winning last weeks giveaway for an upcycled Guild Wars shirt donated by ShinShayOriginals !!

“8bitclassics”, Please send you shipping information to MelvinsBasement@gmail.com to CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!

To those who did not win, why not Enter the New Giveaway?

9/12 – 9/26 Giveaway! Bomb-omb Keychain!

11 Sep

Have you ever pondered how to keep your keychain safe from all of the evil-doers in the world without having to actually attach a rabid dog to your keyring? Of course you have! Well, this weeks giveaway solves all of your keyring protection problems.

This weeks donation comes to us from Leesasaur on Etsy! You can also check her out at Leesasaur.com to see her full collection!

Up for grabs is this mini Bomb-omb crocheted keychain! You can enter to win this tiny bomb ready to serve and protect at our GIVEAWAY PAGE! Simply click that link there, check out the Gallery’O’Geek and Comment with your favorite item and you are entered for a chance to win! We keep it easy for our geeks!

There’s Plenty to do in the Basement…

26 Aug

Hey there loyal basement dwellers,

I just wanted to take some time out to remind you of all of the awesome things going on here in … the basement!! We have SO much happening thanks to the growth of the amazing Moms Basement team!

Don’t forget to check out the giveaway page to win some new GUILD WARS swag made by ShinShayOriginals. All you have to do is comment to be entered to win! Easy as that! Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe so you know if you have won or not!!

At 100 subscribers we will host a grab bag giveaway event full of awesome geeky goodies for you to win! 1 winner takes all! So, go hit that subscribe button and let’s get the free lootz flowing.. or else! SUBSCRIBE NOW! SUBSCRIBE NOW!.. Please? :)

Moms Basement is proud to support Child’s Play- a charity that gives back to children in hospitals, allowing them to have games, books and toys during their stay. We now have an Etsy store that is full of awesome items- the good news?- all proceeds go directly to Child’s Play! If you would like to help Moms Basement in reaching our $500 goal and you don’t want to purchase an item, there are donation buttons in the store! Check it out and help out a really great cause!

Oh, and here is a flyer that you can print out and spread around your town to help out!

We are sucessfully taking over the internet. Here is where you can keep up with Melvin and all of your favorite writers here in the basement.

Twitter – Keep up will all things going on here in the basement via Twitter feed!

Facebook – Get up close and personal and get status updates from Melvin and the gang.

Etsy – Here is where it all started. The MB Etsy Team. Over 550 geeks that have come together to show support, chat and take over the world- wide web.

Childs Play charity store hosted by Moms Basement – Here is the store again, so you can hop on over and donate/support a great cause.

Deviant Art – If you are a Deviant, you should join this awesome group of geeky amazing artists.

Groove Shark – Let your inner music geek out with Melvin’s geeky tunes list.

Tumblr – Check out the Tumblr mini blog to see what melvin likes, and to keep up with all things MB.org!

We also have LOTS of new segments.. a new post every day of the week! So, check it out, and if you have any suggestions, something that you think needs to be featured, ANYTHING.. contact us!

Keep on Geekin’!

6/7-6/21 GIVEAWAY!

7 Jun

It’s that time again! Time to announce the WINNER of the SliceofOrange giveaway and to announce the NEW giveaway!

CONGRATS JAIME!!! You are the winner of the History of Gameboy magnets!! Please contact Customcomix@gmail.com to send your shipping details!

The new GIVEAWAY was donated by the one and only Stikrz! This week, we ask that you comment to win a set of 6 mustache decals. “These decals look great on wine glasses as party decor. As your guests drink, they’ll have a disguise!” – Stikrz

These decals would work great on really anything. Light colored cars, glasses, phone cases, laptop shells, mirrors, etc. Pretty much anything with a hard flat surface that you think needs a little dash of.. manly.

Check the GIVEAWAYZ page for RULES and DETAILS on how to enter and win!!

Keep on Geekin’

Updates, Geeks, and DRAGONS! Oh my!!

3 Jun

Hey guys! Its finally FRIDAY and things here in Moms Basement are definitely popping! We have a few things going on that you should definitely check out and take advantage of while you can.

First up, we only have a few days left of the SliceOfOrange giveaway! For a chance to win a set of of awesome “History of Gameboy” Magnets Click the GIVEAWAY page and write something nice about our donor and BAM you are eligible to win. Also,for our caption contest going on, write a caption of Godzilla and his main squeeze in the comments section. Try your best one liner and TWO lucky winners will be selected to win one of two prizes! A master key perler key chain donated by 8bitclassics or a genie in a bottle key chain charm donated by amaimegumi. Get on it and enter now! Show these geeky crafters some lovin’ and put away the old myth that geeks are lazy, unsociable basement dwellers!!

Do you know what this is?

Also, We are on the lookout for another writer. Not just any writer. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our regular Saturday Comics writer is unable to continue writing for Momsbasement.com and we are looking for someone that would be qualified to fit his spot. Must have extensive knowledge in comics, know your way around wordpress and pleaseeeee have a sense of humor! Contact us if you think you fit this description or know someone that would be interested.

As always, we are still looking for guest writers, sister sites, Etsians/geeky crafters to feature and giveaway/contest prize donors! Contact us with any questions and for more details!

Now, on with the show!…

The weekend is fast approaching on us, and if you are like me.. You really dont have a damn thing to do. ( This includes things you really SHOULD be doing, but you decide otherwise) While waiting at a car dealership for countless hours, my boyfriend let me play around on his cellphone and we found the most epic of epic games. This game does not have crazy cool graphics. No hack and slash abilities. It does, though, have something that brought me back to my childhood and had me squealing like mad.

Click to see what game I found…


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