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Convention Artists

3 Jun

I’m sure you’ve all heard of various conventions that take place across the country. From Comic Con to Anime Central, there are several different Cons that cover all different areas of geek culture, whether it’s video games, comic books, film, or anime. There is at least one time a year at one location where the fan of a particular media can get together, share their passions, have an amazing time, and then separate until they reconvene one year later. At these conventions, there are a plethora of people showing how much they love their particular area of interest.

Comic Con

The diverse crowd at a convention

Two of the most common people at these conventions would be cosplayers and artists. Cosplayers are people who take time to create a costume that represents a character from a TV show, video game, anime, etc. They then wear these costumes at their convention of choice, typically mobbed by photographers who want to get a picture of the person and the end result of all their efforts. The other type of people, artists, are those who make hand-made merchandise that they sell at the convention, typically in an artist alley where they are all gathered together for ease of navigation. These artists make all sorts of cool items, such as paintings, plushies, prints, magnets, pins, and anything else you can dream up that represents something geeky. However, not all cosplayers and artists are genuine about their craft.

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Games with Character

22 Apr

One of the beauties of playing video games is being able to become a character. Ever since the early days of gaming, players would pick up the controller and become Link in the original The Legend of Zelda or perhaps the Italian plumber Mario in Super Mario Bros. Even though the plot is thin in most Mario games, the constant events from game to game help define the character, making us respect Mario and want to play as him in future additions to the franchises. Then there are characters who are much more attached to their respective franchise.

Good Characters

Awesome Video Game Characters

Booker DeWitt, Marcus Fenix, Ezio Auditore, and John Marston are characters that we care about. We see them evolve as people and deal with situations that can be very dangerous. We also get to experience how they interact with other characters, which only adds to how we feel about them. Even with Link, the silent protagonist, we can see the determination in his eyes and the warm romance he shares with Princess Zelda. There is a character there that we all admire. Then there are characters that have no personality at all.

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For the Kids

13 Mar

My son loves video games and geeky things and for Christmas he asked Santa for a gyroid from Animal Crossing. That’s not something you can pick up at WalMart. I ended up crocheting him one and he loves it. But not everyone can create obscure (and awesome) geeky toys for their kids. That’s why I love places like Etsy and Deviantart. They connect you directly with artists that are offering unique things you’re looking for or can custom make it for you.

If your kid is a geek-in-training, this gallery is sure to provide you with awesome creations they approve of. Many of these you’ll be tempted to buy for yourselves!

Jedi Baby Rattle Lightsaber by HandmadeMonster

Jedi Baby Rattle Lightsaber by HandmadeMonster

Baby Geek Toy Teether by 3PrincessesStore

Baby Geek Toy Teether by 3PrincessesStore

Level 1 Human Hat  by geeklingdesigns

Level 1 Human Hat by geeklingdesigns

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Happy MAR10 Day!

10 Mar
Mario World by Orioto

Mario World by Orioto

Break out your fake moustaches and warm up the Wii, because today is Mario Day! Because it’s Mar 10. Get it? I’m not sure when this holiday came about, but the Mario Bros are certainly worthy of celebrating!

Mario has appeared in over 200 video games, first appearing in Donkey Kong in 1981, where he was known as Jumpman.  His name was later changed to Mario in Donkey Kong Jr., named after Nintendo of America’s warehouse landlord. His twin brother, Luigi (named after a Seattle pizza joint called “Mario & Luigi’s”), was introduced in the 1983 arcade game Mario Bros. 

The Mario brothers have had many professions including: carpenter, plumber, doctor, tennis player, ghost buster, and race car driver, and have had their images portrayed on everything from cereal boxes to the big screen. I think everyone has a soft spot for the Mario Bros. whether their first introduction to them was Donkey Kong or Super Mario Galaxy. They are universally recognized by gamers and non-gamers alike and the love of these icons shows no sign of slowing down.

I’ve rounded up some amazing Mario-related Etsy crafts for your enjoyment. Have a great Mario Day!

Mario Pendant 8-bit Silver


NES Nintendo Game Brooch Pin


Mustache Mario T Shirt Ninte…


Sterling Silver Super Mario …


Mario Two Levels Full Skirt


Super Mario “King Koopa…


Mario and Yoshi Print – Nint…


Wall Art, Video game, Mario …


Sunglasses – Custom Wayfarer…


Novelty Plush Mustache, Funn…


Mario Brothers Art – The Roa…


Super Mario Goomba Wooden Pi…


Set of 4 Super Mario Bros. 2…


Colorful Mario Question Mark…


Super Mario Pixel Necklace 8…


Super Mario Brothers Two Key…


Game After Game After Game…

4 Mar
Black Ops 2

The ninth installation to the Call of Duty franchise

There’s no question that games exist to make money. After all, that’s what the point of a product is: to sell units and make a profit. Many franchises over gaming’s history have made countless amounts of money, selling millions of units to consumers of all ages. Franchises like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Gears of War, and Halo. The companies behind these games take time to ensure that their products are not only of top quality, but that they space themselves out appropriately in order to give consumers enough time between their purchases. But what happens when the space between these games is at a minimum?

In that case, you get game franchises like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. Now, there’s obviously nothing wrong with either of these game franchises. Obviously, some gamers wouldn’t like either of them. First-Person-Shooters aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and not everyone would enjoy a historical based action/adventure game. We’re all different and have different interests. However, there’s no denying the fact that both of these franchises are extremely successful. Every release of a Call of Duty game is met with news on how sales for that game have blown previous titles out of the water. And every Assassin’s Creed game seems to be getting better with every passing year, adding new features, gameplay elements, and continuing the story of Desmond Miles and his ancestors. Despite their success, are we being over-saturated with release after release year after year?

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Birthdays ‘n’ Weddings

16 Jan
Owl's Birthday by ethe

Owl’s Birthday by ethe

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I thought it would be fitting to find the coolest geek party favors for your own get-together, birthday, or wedding. My birthdays are usually pretty low-key, and were even when I was a kid (we saved the big party for Halloween), but if you plan on surprising someone with a geeky party, you might want some of these awesome items:

Geeky Retro Space Invaders PacMan Fabric Bunting by booandthebeast

Geeky Retro Space Invaders PacMan Fabric Bunting by booandthebeast

10 Sheets of Universal Word Search Wrapping Paper by InsomniacsCloset

10 Sheets of Universal Word Search Wrapping Paper by InsomniacsCloset

Minecraft Cupcake Toppers by StudioSweets

Minecraft Cupcake Toppers by StudioSweets

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