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The New Number One

1 Dec

Captain America #1

Captain America #1

Rick Remender’s take on Cap is Captain America on crack.  But don’t worry, Steve hasn’t started taking drugs.  This volume of Cap is just more extreme and bizarre than Ed Brubaker’s deeply personal insight into Rogers.  Remender understands the character so the comic still feels like Cap, but this story isn’t the usual fare of protecting America from escaped Nazis.  It’s much more intense and far less subtle than Brubaker’s most violent issue.  I did find the extreme nature of it to be refreshing, but it might be jarring for long time Cap fans.  If you are not a long time Cap fan, now would be the perfect time to jump onboard.  You do need some rudimentary knowledge of Captain America’s world, but nothing you can’t find on Wikipedia.  Remender has taken Cap in a bold direction without sacrificing anything about the character in order to do it.  Something the writers for “Deadpool” should have done a couple weeks back.  John Romita’s art is also very well done and is perfect for Remender’s action focused style.  The story’s flow is fast, the writing is strong, and the art feels like Steve Rogers meets Kick-Ass.  Long time readers need to approach this book like it’s a new day, because it is.

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