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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 5/13/12- Alternate Histories

13 May

mothers dayHappy Mother’s Day!  Everyone knows that moms are the coolest people in the world.  Everyone also knows that without his mom, Melvin wouldn’t have anywhere to live.

Matthew Buchholz also knows how wonderful moms are, and has created some epic Mother’s Day cards.  Whether it’s letting Mom know that she’s a computational genius or your own personal superhero, Matthew has the perfectly brilliant card for you.

And if you want to get a head start on Father’s Day, Matthew’s got you covered there too!


Mom’s Favorite Top 10

6 May

Only 1 week left until Mother’s Day, and moms can be geeky too. In fact, many of my close geek friends are moms, and I used them as inspiration for this week’s Top 10.

Whether you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift for your mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, close friend, or even yourself (wink, wink), the following list of items is are perfect additions to her/your geeky collection. If you get one (or more) of these items for her, you may just end up being Mom’s favorite!

10 – Guitar Pick Flower

Does your mom ROCK?! People often think of buying cut flowers for mom on Mother’s Day, but what will she do with the flowers in a week when they’re wilting? Being composed with guitar picks, these flowers are perfect for moms that ROCK, and will not wilt/die on her in a week.

9 – Circuit Board Razor Handle
Geek out in the shower. When you’re a geek (like me), having shower accessories that match your interests sounds amazing. Not to mention that this is the only circuit board that I’ve ever seen that is waterproof!

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Weekend Weird: Re-defining [Geek:noun]

8 May

We all know that the word “GEEK” technically means having a crazy affinity for computers or technology. Well, its 2011 and if you DON’T have an affinity for technology you are living in the wrong age.

So, somewhere along the way, the word’s definition roughly changed to having  extra devotion to something that is not seen as wildly acceptable.  

Well, you know what, Geekdom is spreading! And no one can stop it.  Nothing is wrong with going a little overboard with some Anime, Indie movies, Video games, or even allowing your affinity for these things to spread to other parts of your life.  If you love and enjoy learning about something, embrace it! You can literally be a geek FOR anything.

We’ve talked before about showing your true nerd colors. Instead of focusing on that, I’ll show you some people who have let go of the label and imported geekiness into an untapped realm, car modifications!

Lets start out with an unforgettable childhood toy, Legos.  I’ll give it to you that some of the cars driving on the streets now resemble a giant Lego piece. BUT, Have you ever wanted a  car ENTIRELY made from those tiny pieces of plastic? I’m guessing the replacement parts are easy to acquire! 

This first car IS driveable. It resembles a formula 1 race car and can fit one person comfortably. Number of Legos involved? 80,000 In total were used.

Its too bad round Legos don’t exist, or this SUV could have Lego tires too! Imagine pulling up to Comic-con in style with this pimped ride. Valet please!

The next set of cars are for those of us who just simply cant put down the controller. Moms basement does not condone gaming while driving, but these next few cars make it easy to fit in a quickie while waiting for your buddy to come out of the Stop-n-Go.

Xbox and Suzuki teamed up and developed a Concept Xbox360 car. It features two Xbox systems, one is set up for the backseat passengers to play while in transit as well as a rear projection screen for  play while behind the car. If you prefer to game while sitting, the other dashboard mounted console is set up to project onto the auto-rising hood.  It even glows green from the bottom like the controller of the console!

More into the old school 8-bit era? Erik Nakamura, from Giant Robot Magazine, has modified a Scion xB to the nuts, and bolts. The Nintendo inspired car starts at the push of an arcade-style button. Not only does it play classic game sounds when the doors are opened/closed but, in common with the Xbox car, has two projecting consoles for front and back play possibilities. Calling “shotgun” will be a thing of the past when you can battle out the permission via  Spy vs Spy! Even the shape of the car was meant to resemble a controller, the wheels as buttons.

Theoretically you could play from front AND back

Given a choice between the the two game cars I would take both, race them against eachother while playing racing games on both consoles in both cars. WARNING THIS MAY OPEN SPACE TIME CONTINUUM.

Seriously though, NES car for the win. You don’t have to stand, and its more than a concept car seeing that it runs and drives. Don’t believe me? Then check out the Video.

Without geeks concept cars of the present and future would not be possible. Without geeks, hoping to eventually harness  green energy would not be possible. Even Anime Geeks have influence on car design.

The next time someone calls you a geek, say “Thanks, I AM saving the world!”

Kimmie out. 

Geeky Car Accessories



Auto Trash – Car Li…






Resident Evil Zombi…


Star Wars Stormtroo…


Zelda Vinyl Decal


Crafty Geek Vinyl C…


Unicorn Butcher Cha…


Treasury Tuesday-Your Mom

3 May

In celebration of Mothers Day we wanted to give you a few good gift ideas for your own mother! She especially deserves it if you are, in fact, living downstairs.

Depending on what she is like, Melvin has selected a few things he thinks would work for each type of geek mom.

So whether shes the coffee-drinking-douhnut-dunkin’ type,  a recent mom with a geek-to-be, or the 21-century-technology-lover, we have just the friends with just the gift(s) you need to show your mom how awesome she really is.

Onward to the Items!

Mom tattoo funny co…


Zombie Mombie Mothe…


Mother’s Day Mu…


Future Nerd … cut…


Muggle Born Gift Se…


Futuristic Robot Sh…


Organic Keyboard er…


iPad Kindle Case C…


White iPad Stand, G…


Angry Birds Wood Pe…


I’d Rather Be P…


Blue Angry Bird Ear…


im so crafty i make…


Future Milf – Vehic…


My Mom was on Cops,…


Or Maybe she plays angry birds too much?

Happy Mothers day!

Kimmie out.


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