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The Best Asian and Japanese Instrumental Music to Kick Start Your Fall

8 Sep

Since a good number of you have been enjoying the J-Pop article I posted at the beginning of summer, I decided that it was time for another music article: one that will help usher in the beauty of fall with gorgeous instrumental music from composers, groups, and musicians from Japan and other parts of Asia.

And, for those of you who are dealing with the back-to-school grind, many of these songs make wonderful study music.

So crank up your speakers, headphones, or ear buds, and prepare to take a journey through the gorgeous melodies of these amazing Japanese and Asian musical masters.

Utada Hikaru

As I mentioned in my J-Pop article, Utada Hikaru is one of my favorite artists of all time. She is fluent in both English and Japanese (having grown up in both New York and Japan), and is best known for her two songs “Simple and Clean” and “Sanctuary,” which appeared in the game Kingdom Hearts.

And while I could go on about her amazing music for far longer than you’d care to listen, it is her “Relaxing Orgel ~Letters~” album that I’m highlighting in this article, as features the instrumental versions of her most popular songs played using the hauntingly beautiful sound of the orgel.

Don’t believe me? Listen and see if this sends a small chill down your spine. Continue reading

“Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark” A ‘Geeks Onstage’ Theatrical Review!

6 Jun

My totally taboo pic of Melvin at intermission with the Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark curtain behind him

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Broadway musical “Spiderman: Turn on the Dark.” Yes, Spiderman has done comics, cartoons, movies and now he graces the Great White Way. We had the super cheap seats (it was the only way I could convince mom to buy the tickets) so we sat under the balcony, only missing out on a little high flying fun, but that was okay.

If you know nothing about the musical, here’s the quick low down. At first I was like…Peter Parker? Singing? Really? But then I heard it was directed by Julie Taymor (Lion King on Broadway, Titus with Anthony Hopkins, Across the Universe-the Beatles themed movie musical) and the music was written by Bono and The Edge of U2. So a rock musical with crazy aesthetics. I can do that!

The musical was supposed to open about a year ago. But Ms Taymor had such an ambitious goal…she had so much rigging installed in the theatre and made it so that Spiderman could websling and the Goblin could fly. There were lots of accidents and people actually got hurt, but that’s the topic for another blog. Bottom line there is that I saw what they’re coining “Spiderman 2.0″ because they changed up the story, made things safer and added new music. No accidents since. Read the wikipedia synopsis for the original version…though, after reading it, I like this version much better.

So now for my synopsis and review! It’s long but with lots of pictures from the souvenir program…Spoilers ahead!

Continue reading


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