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The Next Generation

27 May

It’s hard to ignore all the announcements, rumors, and chatter that is surrounding information about the next generation of home consoles. Right now, the Wii U is already in stores, the Playstation 4 has been announced and shown off, and the Xbox One was recently teased by Microsoft, focusing more on the hardware than the software. We as a consumer are now being introduced to the next generation, while our Wii’s, PS3’s, and Xbox 360’s are still on our shelves, getting lots of attention. Although personally, I have switched a majority of my titles to the PC, a great deal of us are still playing our current generation systems on a daily basis. Not only that, but great games are still coming out for them. With the release of Bioshock Infinite and the soon to be released titles like Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us, it seems like our current generation of consoles are going to be around for a long, long while. So then what’s the deal with the next generation?

Microsoft themselves announced that they would be supporting the Xbox 360 for at least another five years, easing the mind of anyone who won’t be purchasing the Xbox One any time soon. This shows just how easy it is to support the current generation of consoles. Games are still being made for them at a rapid pace, money is being spent for them, and consumers are happy for them. Despite the claims that Microsoft and Sony are making over how they have improved the consoles technologically, does that really warrant a new generation of consoles?

The Next Generation

What lies ahead?

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The DL on DLC

29 Apr

When someone buys a product, they expect to get their money’s worth. Whether you’re buying a box of cereal, a new computer chair, or a video game, you won’t spend more money than you think the product deserves. We’re always managing our money to make sure our purchases are justified. Some of us have the luxury to not worry about how much money they spend on entertainment items like video games, movies, etc. However, for some of us, every purchase we make needs to be calculated and assessed, as money can be very tight. It doesn’t help when video games cost so much money.

Borderlands 2 Loot Chest Edition

The Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Edition

The average video game costs between $50-60. This is certainly a lot of money, even when games offer a lot of content such as a long campaign, multiplayer features, and replayability. Special editions for games can cost anywhere from $80-$200. These editions come with several added components to the game, like figurines, soundtracks, art books, exclusive content, and many other possibilities. Even if the added features of a special edition are worth the money, that is still a lot to spend on one game. To me, this is fine. I have no problem spending $150 on a game if it’s a game I really, really like and I’m getting some exclusive, limited edition merchandise on top of it. The Borderlands 2 Loot Chest is a prime example of this, along with the Songbird Edition of Bioshock: Infinite. However, the thing that gets me is when developers expect you to pay more money on top of these already extravagant purchases for additional downloadable content (DLC).

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Games with Character

22 Apr

One of the beauties of playing video games is being able to become a character. Ever since the early days of gaming, players would pick up the controller and become Link in the original The Legend of Zelda or perhaps the Italian plumber Mario in Super Mario Bros. Even though the plot is thin in most Mario games, the constant events from game to game help define the character, making us respect Mario and want to play as him in future additions to the franchises. Then there are characters who are much more attached to their respective franchise.

Good Characters

Awesome Video Game Characters

Booker DeWitt, Marcus Fenix, Ezio Auditore, and John Marston are characters that we care about. We see them evolve as people and deal with situations that can be very dangerous. We also get to experience how they interact with other characters, which only adds to how we feel about them. Even with Link, the silent protagonist, we can see the determination in his eyes and the warm romance he shares with Princess Zelda. There is a character there that we all admire. Then there are characters that have no personality at all.

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Uncommon Objects

10 Apr

There are plenty of traditional forms of art out there that can be used to make awesome and geeky creations. But the artists featured this week have thought outside the box and transformed common, everyday objects and tools into items to help you geek out your living space in an unexpected way.

I never thought of looking for Cthulhu on a spoon, but here he is!

Cthulhu Spoon Set by GreenwoodCreations13

Cthulhu Spoon Set by GreenwoodCreations13

I’m a huge Fallout fan, and although I wouldn’t want my house to look like a Vault (talk about claustrophobic!), this light switch cover is too awesome for words.

Vault Tech Light Switch Plate Cover by CratersideSupplyinc

Vault Tech Light Switch Plate Cover by CratersideSupplyinc

There are some unique lamps out there, but this industrial/found object lamp is certainly at the top. It’s made from iron pipes and a vintage skull vodka bottle. And the rotating faucet is the on/off switch!

Crystal Head Vodka Lamp by newwineoldbottles

Crystal Head Vodka Lamp by newwineoldbottles

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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 4/9/13- Fuzzy Ink

9 Apr

retirement brosHave you ever thought about what it would look like when the characters in Super Mario Bros. reach retirement age?  I hadn’t either, until I saw this shirt.

Fuzzy Ink is an awesome tshirt shop that is full of clever designs, most containing mustaches.

Art, belts, even mustache cookie cutters can be found there, so go visit today!



3 Apr

Working on my own brand of art keeps me busy, but sometime I like to try creating something out of my norm. Tutorials, kits, and patterns are a great way to explore new crafting mediums. Click on the photos below to access the projects and get busy with your own DIY activity.

I love instructables.com – the site is filled with tutorials, printables, and recipes for everything you can imagine. And they’re free!

I’m currently collecting the materials to make this gorgeous tree branch lamp. My mom made a table similar to the stacked branch lamp years ago. I love the rustic look and like the variety of styles shown. It also looks fairly simple to construct.

Rustic Tree Branch Lamp Shades by Muhaiminah Faiz

I know I’m behind in the internet culture because I only recently learned what “Gangnam Style” is. However, my husband plays the song so much now that I’ve become quite familiar with it. I would love to create the PSY paper machine shown below for my husband. It looks like it would take some time to create, but the fact that the little PSY dances would totally make it worth the time and effort.

Gangnam Style Paper Machine by kamibox.de

Gangnam Style Paper Machine by kamibox.de

The project below only takes a couple of items and little time, but is sure to organize any booknerd’s living space. I know I need these for the stacks of books on my floor.

How To Make An Invisible Bookshelf (Without Ruining a Book!) by CaitlynLAG

How To Make An Invisible Bookshelf (Without Ruining a Book!) by CaitlynLAG

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