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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/1/12- Lickety Cut

1 Jun

zelda necklaceWhat better way for a geeky gal to show off her love of videogames than through her amazing jewelry collection?

Lickety Cut can help you expand your current selection of jewelry, in fact, you may end up amassing a stockpile of magnificent accessories, and who could complain about that?

If you’re the type to include your BFF in your necklace choices, Lickety Cut also has some cool friendship necklaces- the Health and Mana necklace set is my favorite.


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 5/12/12- Pica Pica Press

12 May

mst3k pendantIn the not too distant future, next Sunday, A.D…

I love me some Mystery Science Theater 3000, and I want everyone to know it.  If you love and miss MST3K too, wait until you see this.  Laura from Pica Pica Press has done us all a favor and created this stunning MST3K necklace.  And the best part is that you can insert a picture into the pendant as if it is the movie the boys are watching.  How great is that?

If you love jewelry, but you’re not as big of a fan of MST3K as me, you still need to take a peek at Laura’s shop.  She also designs Space Invader pins, Pac-Man earrings and Triforce necklaces!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 5/2/12- Molecular Muse

2 May

BFF moleculeDo you have a BFF and want to show the world that you have a BFF, but you’re sick and tired of the same old BFF necklaces?  I wouldn’t blame you really, those heart necklaces are a bit old at this point.

Raven Hanna of Molecular Muse wants to add a little geeky science to your BFF relationship by hand crafting DNA and RNA base pairs.  You see, genes are written in DNA and RNA molecules by using a code of chemical units.  These chemical units are called bases, and these bases form pairs.  For example, DNA consists of pairs of adenine and thymine.  RNA consists of pairs of adenine and uracil.

What in the world did I just say?  If you want to show the world how geeky you and your BFF are, buy this necklace.  If you don’t have a BFF but you love the style of this gorgeous jewelry, check out the other molecules that Raven has replicated.  Who wouldn’t want an oxytocin pendant?


Top 10 Geek Fashions-Beautifying the Basement- Part 2

15 May

Welcome back to Top 10 Geeky Fashions, Part deux ! In case you missed Part 1, Click here and check out numbers 10-5 of the List’O’affordable geek ware! 

Without further adieu, Lets start back up with Number 5! 

Number 5: Underware, Geeks getting Freaky

I suggest ANY of these undies if you are indeed, a geek to the bone. Some of these had me in tears laughing and some are actuall really sexy!

Talk nerdy to your partner with these geeky knickers from Etsy
Price range: $9-$40


Number 4 Keychains, Belt Buckles, and Purses, Oh my!

Check out all three at Etsy:
Price range: $3-$50

Number 3: Comic Covered Goodness

With the recent release of Thor and the expected release of The Avengers there are a few ways to show the world what comic book hero you Idolize.(you can also go enter our Giveaway for a comic book bracelet)

Cover yourself in comic accessories from Etsy
Price Range: $5-$30

Number 2: Hats! Head Toppers! Noggin Warmers!

Ok, alright, I am a Freak for Beanies, so of course its Gotta be the number two slot. I will have an epic hat collection one day!

Start your Collection with a few of these Items from Etsy
Price range: $20-$40

NUMBA ONE! Portal Style

In fashion you gotta keep up with what is hot right now. Portal 2 is that sizzling hot trend. Show off some style by flaunting around some awesome portal accessories.

Jump into the Esty portal to…portal
Price range: $4-$50

We hope you enjoyed counting down Nerd Fashion with us. Stay tuned for more Top Ten Lists!

Honorable Mention: White Mage Hoodie

I tried pretty hard to stay away from Cosplay, but Who wouldn’t want to strut around town as a Final Fantacy Character? (Well, me for one, but you might!)


Top 10 Geek Fashions- Beautifying the Basement, Part 1

12 May

Top 10 lists are fun right? Right. We could always do a Top 9 or Top 11 later, but for our first list, we will stick with 10.

As the title states, we are counting down what we consider to be the Top Ten Geeky Fashions. These fashions includes cute geeky stuff that is actually affordable. We have chosen the best examples and made some related etsy galleries of each category. Most of these are things even our closet geeks could wear without getting looked at like some kind of perverted sea monster that picks on baby unicorns for fun.  It’s possible you’ll even catch that special someone’s eye with a new pep in your step!

Onward to the Numbered awesomeness!

Number 10: Not Your Average T-shirts

If you have a significant other or are secretly admiring(see: not stalking) someone, This Zelda style T-shirt combo is an awesome gift.  Check out the Image below to see how it works.

Check out our list of Geeky T-shirts from Etsy.
Price range: $10-$30

Number 9: Button Button Whos got the Button?

Perfect if you are slowly coming out of the geek closet Or those simply looking to add some awesome pins to their flare collection. Buttons are great because they are so easy to change depending on your mood or daily geek focus.

Better than Mood rings

Check out our list of Geeky Buttons from Etsy
Price range: $1-$7

Number 8: Nerdy kicks, Walk in Style

These would have been our number one choice with how customizable they are.  The price is the only thing that knocked it down. We almost didn’t Include the shoes, but they are just TOO DAMN COOL, and we are pretty sure they are worth the price.  I seriously have to get a pair of those Crochet Chuck Taylors.

Check out some Nerdy kicks on Etsy
Price Range: $80-$300


If you are looking for a little small something to add to your wardrobe to spark conversations, rings are the perfect way to do that. Think about, how much of our daily lives involves our hands?

Bling yourself out with our Top ring choices from Etsy
Price range: $4-$45

Number 6: Acrylic nails, for the sexy geeketes.

Why pay some stranger to apply some simple, single-color, plastic nails when you can DIY with some very unique nail designs.

Bling out your fingertips with some Acrylic from Etsy
Price range: $8-$20

Thats It for Part one of our Top 10 Geek Fashions. Come back and check out Part two on SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAAAY!

Honorable Mention: NES crochet Swimsuit

Because I like the weird and strange, and because you can’t actually swim with it,  I had to give this an honorable mention.

-Kimmie Out

4/25/11 – 5/9/11 Giveaway

25 Apr

Welcome geeks and geeketes, to Moms Basement’s Third Official giveaway!

For the next two weeks, 4/25/11 – 5/9/11, We will be offering a chance to win a pair of Zelda Triforce Earrings from HunnyandOats!

These take some serious work to Create!

These triforce Earrings are hand made from a decorative metal known as mokume gane. Mokume was developed in feudal Japan and it is translated as ‘wood-grain metal.’ To learn more about how HunnyandOats makes this metal, read the description on the listing page.

These Earrings are a 50.00 dollar value! If mother had let Melvin keep his ears pierced these would not be up for grabs for all of you! But she didn’t so HERE THEY ARE for one lucky basement dweller!

So, make Melvin proud, and Comment NOW at the Giveaway page to win!

On your way, you can check out her shop and choose a favorite item to include in the comment!


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