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The Color of Things

6 Feb
Allure by black-dicefish

Allure by black-dicefish

A couple of years ago I discovered that I have Synesthesia – a neurological condition that causes different senses to be combined, rather than separate. A common trait of people with Synesthesia (synesthetes) is always perceiving letters, numbers, and words with certain colors attached to them. For example, ‘A’ will always be red to me, ‘B’ is brown, ‘C’ is yellow, ‘D’ is navy blue, etc. I also see colored shapes when I hear certain sounds, and perceive textures when I smell certain things. My sister also has Synesthesia and she is the reason I discovered my own. Up until that point, I thought seeing each letter as a color was normal. There are over 60 known kinds of Synesthesia and my sister has traits that I do not, such as tasting voices and perceiving numbers with personalities.

Synesthesia by ThePathOfDreams

Synesthesia by ThePathOfDreams

Most people with Synesthesia are creative and artistic by nature. And since this condition involves a lot of color, I thought I’d gather a collection of pieces with beautiful color palettes, and also include art by syesthetes as well. And even if you don’t have this condition, everyone loves color!


The following pieces are filled with many vibrant colors!

League of Legends - Zyra Fanart by  alexnegrea

League of Legends – Zyra Fanart by alexnegrea

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Here’s to the Geeks

26 Dec
Nerd. by KyraTeppelin

Nerd. by KyraTeppelin

Growing up, I never thought of myself as a geek or a nerd. For one thing, those terms didn’t have the same complimentary air that they do today. And I never thought I fit into a label. I was just me. But it was obvious that my best friend and I were drifting apart. She was into sports and fashion and boyfriends, and although I enjoyed those things too, I was more interested in books, video games, and drama club.

Clink Illustration Print - Rosy Pink Cheeks Nerds Kissing by GenevieveSantos

Clink Illustration Print – Rosy Pink Cheeks Nerds Kissing by GenevieveSantos

It was only until a few years ago that I discovered a lot of styles and interests that are considered “geeky” are also my own styles and interests, and I found I could identify with this term, among others.

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth by  IndelibleInkWorkshop

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth by IndelibleInkWorkshop

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Portal Turrets in a Blanket

30 Nov

melvin turretWith the rush of the holiday season and all of that cooking over Thanksgiving, Melvin and I needed a little break.  What could we make that was simple yet awesomely geeky?

Melvin and I talked about how much we used to love pigs in a blanket, you know, hot dogs wrapped up in crescent rolls.  So we got the idea to class it up a little by turning them into Portal turrets!  This recipe is so quick and simple, you can make it anytime for a quick snack, or a fun lunch!

For our delicious Portal turrets in a blanket, here’s what you will need: Continue reading

Perler Art

28 Nov

Perler Bead Companion Cube by EP-380

Plastic fusible beads, like my own medium of choice, polymer clay, have been widely thought of as children’s craft mediums. And like polymer clay, the beads have come a long way, being used by artists and crafters of all ages to create amazing art. It translates well to geeky items, particularly 8-bit inspired creations.

HUGE You’re Not the Boss of Me Nintendo Perler by ArtofKyleMcCoy

I love this old skool compilation. It looks true to the games and has an awesome message.

Light Up Minecraft Pumpkin Box by BraveDeity

I love Minecraft and this light up jack o’ lantern is awesome! Check out BraveDeity’s Etsy shop for many other Minecraft related sculptures.

Set of 6 Avengers Coasters by LimeGreenCoconuts

These perler sprites encased in resin make classy coasters.

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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 11/14/12- Bear and Robot

14 Nov

bear robotTime to get into the spirit of giving!  Here at Mom’s Basement, that’s all we can think about these days.  We have our Mom’s Basement Charity shop that we invite all of you basement dwellers to visit!

The items in the charity shop have been donated by our best geeky artists, and 100% of the proceeds go to Child’s Play Charity, a charity that raises money to provide children’s hospitals with video games, toys, movies and other entertainment for the patients.

Bear and Robot Design is the coolest place you can go to if you’re looking for awesome digital prints to decorate your living area.  You Portal fans out there should appreciate this one, so support your love for geek art and support a great cause at the same time!


Winter Is Coming

7 Nov

Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming – coffee mug cup cozy by KnitnutbyJL

The weather is still relatively mild here in Nevada, but winter is just around the corner. In anticipation of this, I’ve found a collection of comfy, warm, and most importantly – geeky – items to keep you cozy while you hibernate in the Basement.

Everyone needs a pair of slippers. But you can go geeky without wearing those fuzzy monsters that look like they’re eating your feet. The slippers below are super cute and you could probably even go to the store with them without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Link Slippers by restlesswillow

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