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Obscure but Awesome

6 Mar

Have you ever played an amazing video game, but no one else seems to have heard of it? There are some great popular games out there, but there are other equally deserving titles that don’t get as much exposure. These gems deserve some attention and some more fan art made for them! I discovered there are  artists out there making art based on these games, but I would love to see more. I’ve asked Mom’s Basement members and other avid gamers about their favorite obscure games and created a gallery below of their picks.

Torin’s Passage

Torin’s Passage is a fantasy/adventure computer game from 1995. Despite being made by Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry, this game is a family-friendly game I have fond memories of playing when I was a kid. You embark on a quest to find your captured parents, travelling through unique, nested planets and solving puzzles along the way.

After playing this game as a kid, I always loved the name Torin, and decided if I ever had a son, that’s what I would name him. And I did!

More Torin's Passage by sweet-pea-soup

More Torin’s Passage by sweet-pea-soup

The Lands Below by zazumii-chan

The Lands Below by zazumii-chan


Nier is a SquareEnix game from 2010 that definitely doesn’t have the exposure it deserves. This beautiful, melancholy game features a gorgeous soundtrack, a storyline with twists and turns, and interesting replay value. I can’t tell you more or it would spoil it. Just go play it!

Nier Replicant by semsei

Nier Replicant by semsei

Nier - Kaine by Dice9999

Nier – Kaine by Dice9999

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Go Bold

30 Jan

You can tell by my hair that I don’t like to be subtle in my appearance. This sometimes applies to the jewelry I wear as well. I like all kinds of jewelry, but occasionally, I want something that makes a statement. Fortunately, if you feel the same way, there are many artists out there that create such pieces. Prepare to be noticed!

Warrior Pagan Fae Woven  Wire Copper Necklace by WireMoon

Warrior Pagan Fae Woven Wire Copper Necklace by WireMoon

Raw Pyrite Four Finger Ring

Raw Pyrite Four Finger Ring

Super Space Tetris Man Nintendo Bib Necklace by MyCheekyCreations

Super Space Tetris Man Nintendo Bib Necklace by MyCheekyCreations

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Here’s to the Geeks

26 Dec
Nerd. by KyraTeppelin

Nerd. by KyraTeppelin

Growing up, I never thought of myself as a geek or a nerd. For one thing, those terms didn’t have the same complimentary air that they do today. And I never thought I fit into a label. I was just me. But it was obvious that my best friend and I were drifting apart. She was into sports and fashion and boyfriends, and although I enjoyed those things too, I was more interested in books, video games, and drama club.

Clink Illustration Print - Rosy Pink Cheeks Nerds Kissing by GenevieveSantos

Clink Illustration Print – Rosy Pink Cheeks Nerds Kissing by GenevieveSantos

It was only until a few years ago that I discovered a lot of styles and interests that are considered “geeky” are also my own styles and interests, and I found I could identify with this term, among others.

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth by  IndelibleInkWorkshop

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth by IndelibleInkWorkshop

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Blood Lust

24 Oct

Vampire by Duniax

Vampires are sexy. And I’m not talking about the sparkly, teenage variety. They’re sophisticated, charismatic, and like to nibble on your neck. They invoke a combination of fear and attraction for many people. After all, who wouldn’t want to have supernatural powers, live for centuries, and dress snappy?

Vampires as we know them have been around since the early 1800s, but creatures that feed on blood or flesh have been in the world’s cultural conscience for much longer. Bram Stoker’s Dracula was highly influential on our idea of vampires today and was inspired by the cruel Transylvanian conqueror, Vlad the Impaler.

I think vampires are some of the cooler horror monsters, and I’ve found some amazing art dedicated to them, and also to eradicating them!

And who could forget Brad Pitt as the reluctant blood sucker from Interview with a Vampire?

Vampire by Avogel57, Alex Vogel

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Fantastic Sculpture

26 Sep

Sculpture has been around since prehistoric times and can be made from practically any material. I love paintings, but there is something about viewing (and creating) art in three dimensions that I truly love.

I’m used to sculpting tiny figures and jewelry charms, but have recently moved into creating larger scale sculptures. I’ve explored DeviantART and Etsy to see what my peers have made and I’m blown away by their work.

CreaturesFromEl creates fantastical creatures with so much beautiful filigree and detail that it astounds me. I had a very hard time choosing a sculpture from her DeviantART gallery because I love them all. She has amazingly delicate dragons, wolves, birds, and even a Cheshire cat. She also has an Etsy shop where you can make one of these works of art your own.

Night Jackal by Ellen June, CreaturesFromEl

I would like to have the skill to sculpt human figures someday, like the gorgeous fairy below. Not only do the form and features look realistic, but so do the wings and hair. And the little bits of dirt on her side and shoulder are a nice touch, as if she really were hunting. What do fairies hunt anyway?

Avril Hunter Fairy by Eneida Rosa, Fairiesndreams

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The Many Adventures of Link

1 Aug

One of my many Zelda-themed creations – a polymer clay Link figurine.

The Legend of Zelda is awesome. That’s a completely obvious statement, I know. All the gamers I know have played and liked at least a few of them, if not all of them. My Fallout items have been my best sellers in my Etsy shop for years, but Zelda items have now superseded them in popularity. I don’t mind a bit – Zelda has so many awesome items and creatures, and I have fond memories of all the games so it’s always fun to come up with new items based on the games.

I also love seeing what other Zelda-loving artists have created, and I bet you do too. So get ready for a stream of amazing  art, and then go play some Zelda.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Rucksack… by Kim Herbst

How does Link carry all that junk around with him? In this awesome print by Kim Herbst of kiwifruitbird, Link apparently doesn’t know either. I love the expression on his face!

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