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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/6/13- Pigg’s Art Forge

6 Jun

venom paperI am always on the search for awesome art for my home, and today I found some intricate paper art.

Will Pigg of Pigg’s Art Forge handcrafts paper art that shows off your geeky side in an epic yet simple way.

Nightmare Before Christmas, The Iron Giant, Star Wars and more can be found there, so go take a look today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/5/13- Empira

5 Jun

ghost busterIt’s time to geekify your ride.  How would you do this, you ask?  By attaching a geeky automobile badge, that’s how!

Jason Davies of Empira hand crafts custom car emblems to turn your vehicle into the Ecto1!  Ok, maybe not actually transform your car, but the emblem is pretty awesome.

Fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and more will find the vehicle they want to emulate, so go visit today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 6/4/13- Geeky U

4 Jun

tardis leggingsI will admit it, I love leggings.  I never thought I would, but I wear them all the time.  But what I really need are some geeky leggings.

Khalil Marenco of Geeky U creates clothing with a geek edge.  Not only can I get leggings there, but I can get TARDIS leggings.

Shirts, bags, ewok hoods, you can find it all at Geeky U.  So go visit today!


Tuesday’s Treasury: It came from outer space…

28 May

Both my husband and father love astronomy and astrophysics. I enjoy space-related things too, but I’ve sat through many an episode of The Universe where I thought my head would explode trying to understand String Theory and quantum mechanics. If you also have a space-lover in your life, or happen to be one, check out the treasury below for out of this world handmade awesomeness.

Retro Atari Asteroids (Star …


Planets Necklace Solar Syste…


White Stars Garland – Outer …


ROpot ambOT — toy RAYGUN th…


Pastel Planets – Matted 8×10…


2013 Moon Calendar in OBSIDI…


Adult Cosmic Galaxy Shirt – …


Dad, Out of this World, Met…


Tiny Astronaut Space Explore…


Retro Rockets to the Moon – …


Asteroids Hand Cut black sil…


Alien skeleton pendant – ste…


Spacey Bow Tie


They’re Here/ Sterling…


Mars planet solar system vin…


4 oz. STAR JAR // upcycled c…


Last Minute Excitement

19 May
Geek,Geek Mom,Cute,Adorable,Cat,Kitten,Pet,Huntress,DC,Animal

Alexia’s early birthday gift, Huntress!

It is now May 19th, which means that my next post will be all about Comicpalooza with Holly, Ryan, and Carmen! They’ll be getting to my house on Wednesday night, and the fun will stretch over into Monday. I’m looking far beyond forward to having close to a week with them, and the fact that we’ll be at Comicpalooza having fun and selling great jewelry makes it even more exciting!
On top of that, the post after next will be telling you all about Alexia’s super birthday party. I cannot believe my baby girl is about to turn two years old, but I am so looking forward to this party! I and my best friend, Tabitha, have put quite a bit of effort into everything already–seeing it come together will be very exciting. Hopefully she loves it, and loves every present that is given to her!

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Free Comic Book Day!!

4 May

Free Comic Book Day

The holiest of comic book nerd days has come once again. Free Comic Book Day! The first Saturday in May of every year the God of comic books, Archie, bestows upon us a selection of free comics so fans, new and old, might take in the wonder that is comic books. And as an extra added bonus, Archie has aligned the stars so that Iron Man 3 is released on the same weekend. So go see Iron Man 3 and swing by your comic book shop afterwards. You can get some free stuff while you engage in a healthy discussion about the movie. And give thanks to Archie.

I’m going to ignore the fact that Free Comic Book Day and Star Wars Day collide once again, and just list off some of the free comics that may be available at your local specialty shop.

Bongo Comics Free-For-All

Layout 1

The Simpsons comic icon Bongo brings us a collection of four stories and games. It looks to be a worthy pickup for any fan of the show.

Superman: Last Son of Krypton #1

Superman - Last Son of Krypton

This is a reprint of the comic by Geoff Johns, Richard Donner, and Adam Kubert. It is the epic story of Superman fighting General Zod and his Phantom Zone cellmates. It is also going to contain a special preview of the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel.

Star Wars

Stars Wars - Free Comic Book Day

This is a Star Wars Dark Horse comic staring Darth Vader and Boba Fett to serve as a gateway drug to the rest of Dark Horse’s comic line.

The Walking Dead


What we have here is a collection of short stories featuring Tyrese, Michonne, The Governor, and Morgan. A must have for fans that contains stuff that you won’t find in the trade paperbacks.

Marvel: Infinity

Marvel - Infinity

Marvel brings us a preview issue for Jonathan Hickman’s megastory Infinity.

Judge Dredd Classics

Judge Dredd Classics

Feel the love of the law in this reprint of old Judge Dredd stories.

The Tick

The Tick - Free Comic Book Day


Mom's Basement Comic Article about Free Comic Book Day by Bruce Osborne

Also, in a shameless plug to myself, check out Bruce Osborne on Facebook. I post/link all my stuff there, including chapters on a book I’m working on. Feel free to hit the ‘Like’ button as if you’re an addict.

I also write publish works of fiction on my Bruce Osborne Blog. Feel free to read, follow, or even hate my stuff. I don’t care if people like it, only that they read it.

There are too many movies for me to review in full, so I created a twitter account to give brief opinions on the many movies I view. If you wish to read my smart ass remarks, follow M.O.V.I.E. Reviewer @MutantOpossum.


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