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Minecraft Bento Box!

7 Jun

minecraft box

Melvin and I haven’t made a bento box in awhile, and so we felt like making one to brighten up your lunch!  And by brighten up, I mean hisssssss it up… with Minecraft Creepers!  These guys can be frustrating when they destroy all of your hard work, so why not get back at them by eating them for lunch?  No cats or ocelots needed for this one.  Just some rice, food coloring and your building skills. Continue reading

Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 5/29/13- The Humble Bundle

29 May

humble bundle

Hey to all of you geeks out there!  I’m sure this is old news to most of you, but just in case, Melvin wants to make sure you know about the Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundles are a way for you to buy awesome games at a price you name yourself.  These sales last for 2 weeks, and the Humble Indie Bundle 8 just started yesterday, so go check it out!

The other cool thing with Humble Bundles is that when you purchase the bundle, not only do you name the price, but you decide how much of what you pay goes to the developers, how much to charity, and how much to Humble itself.  So if you haven’t visited The Humble Bundle before, you really should go take a look!

the Humble Bundle

Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 4/9/13- Fuzzy Ink

9 Apr

retirement brosHave you ever thought about what it would look like when the characters in Super Mario Bros. reach retirement age?  I hadn’t either, until I saw this shirt.

Fuzzy Ink is an awesome tshirt shop that is full of clever designs, most containing mustaches.

Art, belts, even mustache cookie cutters can be found there, so go visit today!



8 Apr

Video games have been around for some time now. During their lifetime, we’ve seen a massive overhaul in terms of capability, story, gameplay, and graphics. They’ve come a long way since the days of Pong (and Pong is awesome). Games have broke the 2D barrier and ventured into 3D territory, while recently actually incorporating 3D effects to make the game pop out from the screen (via the Nintendo 3DS). Without the slow transitioning we’ve been granted over the years, anyone being shown footage from the Playstation 4 after only being exposed to the NES would be in absolute shock. We’re lucky to have such diverse and wonderful possibilities with what games can provide to consumers.

Link's Progression

Things change over time.

Yet, it seems that with the more capabilities a console and game can provide, the more areas the developer has control over the consumer. We’re forced down these narrow passages that tell us how to play our games without giving us any real choice in the matter. While a lot of these design choices are falsely advertised as a “technological advancement,” it’s really just a nice way to say “we know better than you.” Really, do you?

Continue reading

Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 4/6/13- Joebot Records

6 Apr

big daddyYou know those Little Golden Books you read when you were a kid?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have those with our favorite videogame characters?

Joebot Records has gotten us one step closer.  His prints of epic Little Golden Books covers would look perfect on the wall in your mini geek’s room, or even in your own.

Joebot also has some fun prints of other geeky characters in the style of record albums, go check it out today!


Bioshock Infinite: Hot Dogs!

5 Apr

infinte hot dogsMelvin and I are big fans of the Bioshock series, so of course we were pretty excited when Bioshock Infinite came out.  You know what else we’re big fans of?  Hot dogs.  It just so happens that hot dogs are one of the foods you can snag in New Eden Square, just sitting there, looking all delicious.  This got us thinking, what kind of crazy hot dogs could we make?  Melvin and I have cooked up three insanely yummy hot dog recipes, perfect to give you that energy boost you need to ride the rails of Columbia.  So strap on that grappling hook and read on! Continue reading


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