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Tuesday’s Treasury: Bizarre and Awesome

4 Jun

I was looking through my favorites list on Etsy recently and thought, “Wow, I’ve favorited a lot of weird things.” I’ve always been a lover of strange things, and I think it’s great that places like Etsy exist so sellers can share their strange creations with like-minded people.

I’ve created a treasury of some awesome oddities from my favorites list, perfect for the discerning weirdo…



Favourite & Follow this shop…


Mechanical Spider Sculpture …


Gothic Snake Cleaver Hand Fo…


A Walk in the Park


PowderBeast – Post Apocalyp…


Rough Sailing, OOAK steampun…


Pair of Tentacle candlestick…


Butter Dish : Black and Char…


Half a Flagon – ACEO LE


Dirt Ball – Our Big Balls – …


Waffle and Syrup Sheets w/ o…


Medium, Day Of The Tentacle …


Earrings-Thumbtack pin stud …


Pee wee herman as a caterpil…


Eyeballs in a bottle necklac…


Tuesday’s Treasury: It came from outer space…

28 May

Both my husband and father love astronomy and astrophysics. I enjoy space-related things too, but I’ve sat through many an episode of The Universe where I thought my head would explode trying to understand String Theory and quantum mechanics. If you also have a space-lover in your life, or happen to be one, check out the treasury below for out of this world handmade awesomeness.

Retro Atari Asteroids (Star …


Planets Necklace Solar Syste…


White Stars Garland – Outer …


ROpot ambOT — toy RAYGUN th…


Pastel Planets – Matted 8×10…


2013 Moon Calendar in OBSIDI…


Adult Cosmic Galaxy Shirt – …


Dad, Out of this World, Met…


Tiny Astronaut Space Explore…


Retro Rockets to the Moon – …


Asteroids Hand Cut black sil…


Alien skeleton pendant – ste…


Spacey Bow Tie


They’re Here/ Sterling…


Mars planet solar system vin…


4 oz. STAR JAR // upcycled c…


Uncommon Objects

10 Apr

There are plenty of traditional forms of art out there that can be used to make awesome and geeky creations. But the artists featured this week have thought outside the box and transformed common, everyday objects and tools into items to help you geek out your living space in an unexpected way.

I never thought of looking for Cthulhu on a spoon, but here he is!

Cthulhu Spoon Set by GreenwoodCreations13

Cthulhu Spoon Set by GreenwoodCreations13

I’m a huge Fallout fan, and although I wouldn’t want my house to look like a Vault (talk about claustrophobic!), this light switch cover is too awesome for words.

Vault Tech Light Switch Plate Cover by CratersideSupplyinc

Vault Tech Light Switch Plate Cover by CratersideSupplyinc

There are some unique lamps out there, but this industrial/found object lamp is certainly at the top. It’s made from iron pipes and a vintage skull vodka bottle. And the rotating faucet is the on/off switch!

Crystal Head Vodka Lamp by newwineoldbottles

Crystal Head Vodka Lamp by newwineoldbottles

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Outdoor Art

27 Mar
Copper Dragon Handmade Garden Art Sculpture by CedarMoon

Copper Dragon Handmade Garden Art Sculpture by CedarMoon

In case you’ve been sitting the basement for too long and haven’t noticed – it’s almost spring! I hate winter and can’t wait to start planting flowers and enjoying the outdoors. Not all of us have the luxury of large yards or gardens, but you can still perk up the outside of your house or apartment after a dreary winter with some beautiful art. I’m not a big fan of pink flamingos, masses of windchimes, and lawn gnomes littering one’s yard, but a few choice pieces of geeky outdoor art will let the neighbors know how awesome you are.

Piranha Plant Super Mario 3 Garden Art by pixelparty

Piranha Plant Super Mario 3 Garden Art by pixelparty

Garden Stakes by HarleyQuinne

Garden Stakes by HarleyQuinne

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Book Art

20 Mar

Before  I made a living creating art, writing was my life. I went to college for a writing degree and worked on a novel in my free time. Life has a funny way of changing directions on you, though, and I now find myself sans a degree and selling my jewelry and art as my day job instead of novels like I thought I would. I love my life the way it is, but the one thing I regret is never finishing my novel. I’m rather embarrassed that I’ve been working on it for 15 years and it’s not at the point I want it to be. I’ve finished many drafts of it, but never found it perfect enough. I’ve had these characters in my head for so long, and I feel like I need to tell their story, so I’ve been trying to set aside some time every night to write a few pages.

If I ever do get my novel published (and it’s so easy to do self-publishing and promotion these days), I’d love some artwork to go with it. I’m considering starting some portraits of the characters or paintings of the landscapes. This got me thinking about art in books. There are times when it is needed – giving the reader a better picture of what is being described. And there are times that the subject is simply so interesting or beautiful that it deserves to be seen.

I browsed my usual sources of awesome art and found some amazing pieces from original books and stories, as well as unique depictions of classic literature.

The New World - Book Cover by Victor-Lam-art

The New World – Book Cover by Victor-Lam-art

Alice by tomape

Alice by tomape

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Obscure but Awesome

6 Mar

Have you ever played an amazing video game, but no one else seems to have heard of it? There are some great popular games out there, but there are other equally deserving titles that don’t get as much exposure. These gems deserve some attention and some more fan art made for them! I discovered there are  artists out there making art based on these games, but I would love to see more. I’ve asked Mom’s Basement members and other avid gamers about their favorite obscure games and created a gallery below of their picks.

Torin’s Passage

Torin’s Passage is a fantasy/adventure computer game from 1995. Despite being made by Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry, this game is a family-friendly game I have fond memories of playing when I was a kid. You embark on a quest to find your captured parents, travelling through unique, nested planets and solving puzzles along the way.

After playing this game as a kid, I always loved the name Torin, and decided if I ever had a son, that’s what I would name him. And I did!

More Torin's Passage by sweet-pea-soup

More Torin’s Passage by sweet-pea-soup

The Lands Below by zazumii-chan

The Lands Below by zazumii-chan


Nier is a SquareEnix game from 2010 that definitely doesn’t have the exposure it deserves. This beautiful, melancholy game features a gorgeous soundtrack, a storyline with twists and turns, and interesting replay value. I can’t tell you more or it would spoil it. Just go play it!

Nier Replicant by semsei

Nier Replicant by semsei

Nier - Kaine by Dice9999

Nier – Kaine by Dice9999

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