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Convention Artists

3 Jun

I’m sure you’ve all heard of various conventions that take place across the country. From Comic Con to Anime Central, there are several different Cons that cover all different areas of geek culture, whether it’s video games, comic books, film, or anime. There is at least one time a year at one location where the fan of a particular media can get together, share their passions, have an amazing time, and then separate until they reconvene one year later. At these conventions, there are a plethora of people showing how much they love their particular area of interest.

Comic Con

The diverse crowd at a convention

Two of the most common people at these conventions would be cosplayers and artists. Cosplayers are people who take time to create a costume that represents a character from a TV show, video game, anime, etc. They then wear these costumes at their convention of choice, typically mobbed by photographers who want to get a picture of the person and the end result of all their efforts. The other type of people, artists, are those who make hand-made merchandise that they sell at the convention, typically in an artist alley where they are all gathered together for ease of navigation. These artists make all sorts of cool items, such as paintings, plushies, prints, magnets, pins, and anything else you can dream up that represents something geeky. However, not all cosplayers and artists are genuine about their craft.

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Games with Character

22 Apr

One of the beauties of playing video games is being able to become a character. Ever since the early days of gaming, players would pick up the controller and become Link in the original The Legend of Zelda or perhaps the Italian plumber Mario in Super Mario Bros. Even though the plot is thin in most Mario games, the constant events from game to game help define the character, making us respect Mario and want to play as him in future additions to the franchises. Then there are characters who are much more attached to their respective franchise.

Good Characters

Awesome Video Game Characters

Booker DeWitt, Marcus Fenix, Ezio Auditore, and John Marston are characters that we care about. We see them evolve as people and deal with situations that can be very dangerous. We also get to experience how they interact with other characters, which only adds to how we feel about them. Even with Link, the silent protagonist, we can see the determination in his eyes and the warm romance he shares with Princess Zelda. There is a character there that we all admire. Then there are characters that have no personality at all.

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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 1/9/13- World Winds Music

9 Jan

ocarina blueWhat would be more awesome than breaking out your ocarina in the middle of a busy workplace and playing a little tune?  Not much.  Especially if you play the Song of Storms and maybe got to go home early.

Luke Vail of World Winds Music hand makes sweet little ocarinas, perfect to carry around with you.

He also has a few other handmade instruments, such as a bamboo flute, so go visit today!


Art Dolls

5 Dec
Inari Foxes: Platina by Santani

Inari Foxes: Platina by Santani

I’ve never been much of a doll girl. Dolls used to bring to mind frilly pink dresses, golden curls, and fragile, delicate faces. That was until I discovered art dolls. That term is used to represent a wide range of figures and mediums, but is usually a sculpted and/or plush art piece meant for display. After discovering all these geeky art pieces, I won’t think of dolls the same way again, and I doubt you will either.

Pony Stark by trillions

Pony Stark by trillions

Wonder Twins Kewpie Altered Art Doll by neeneegurl

Wonder Twins Kewpie Altered Art Doll by neeneegurl

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Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 12/4/12- Plushie Palace

4 Dec

bacon pillowAll this talk of snuggling yesterday reminded me of how much I love pillows.  But there’s one thing I love more than pillows.  And that’s bacon.

Stephanie of Plushie Palace has hand crafted an amazingly epic bacon body pillow.  Two and a half feet of deliciously plushy bacony awesomeness.

But let’s say you’re one of the few who don’t crave bacon every second of the day.  Let’s say you’re a Knights of Hyrule sort of a person.  Then perhaps you need a Hylian Shield pillow.  Go take a look today!


Melvin’s Pick of the Day- 12/3/12- Game Inspired Quilts

3 Dec

zelda quiltBrrrrrr!  It’s getting colder outside, time to snuggle up and get comfy!  Why not do it in geeky style?

Lisa of Game Inspired Quilts knows how to keep us geeks warm!  With this adorable Link quilt, you can get toasty and show off your love for Zelda at the same time.

Lisa also has some cute quilted bags, her Metroid one might be my favorite.  Go visit today!



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